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My grandmother was the postmistress for Almond. Her name was Monnie Mae Bullard-Southerland. I am not sure of the years, but I know my mother (Jeanette F. Southerland, born 1935) was old enough to remember riding with her mother on the route and being at the post office. My grandmother was from Concord area.
Sue Sakcriska
Vicksburg, MS

Our family purchased the old house and post office building back in 2014 and have restored the house and will start on the old store and post office in 2016. Any information, pictures, or even post office or store equipment or displays are being sought after.
Curt Smith owned the other old store. I bought a lot of candy and Cokes off of Curt when I was a kid. He would also open his store at any time of the night if you needed anything at all. We would just go wake him up. Curt only had one eye. He would allow me, as a young boy he trusted, to make my own change out of his hand full of coins he would hold out to me.

Richard Sparks
Locust Grove, AR

While I do not know how Almond got its name, either, I do know that Gatewood Blevins owned the land that it stands on in 1860 per three Arkansas land grants: document #s 1613, 17891, and 14673. Statutory Reference 3 Stat. 566. He owned 12N 8W sections 1, 11, and 12. The town stands in section 1. He died in 1868, willing his land to his three daughters Sarah, Lucinda, and Elizabeth Blevins.
Nancy Ayres
Gray, TN