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Dale Bumpers was a great  leader, as was the late Paul Simon. I was Paul's student coordinator. I brought the Reagan Democrats to Paul Simon in 1984.  Thanks, Dale Bumpers, for the memories and thanks to Dale Bumpers, Paul Simon, and Kenneth J. Gray for helping work with Republicans and Democrats. You three men are now in Heaven.

Mark Czmyrid
, AR

As Arkansas governor, Bumpers successfully led the effort championed by his wife, Betty, to achieve a 90% level of childhood immunizations in Arkansas. The motto was "every child by '74." He also sponsored successful federal legislation to establish the federal immunization initiative during the Carter administration; the program was repealed in 1980 by then-president Jimmy Carter. 
While forty-nine states assigned immunization investigator duties to their state venereal disease investigators, Betty Bumpers made sure her home state had four federal immunization field representatives for the entire state, plus two state people (stationed at the State Health Department in Little Rock). The health department in Little Rock also served as the Central Region. 
The four federal immunization field representatives were stationed at the other four State Regional Health Offices as follows:  
Northwest Region, but stationed at the Boone County Health Unit--Karen Shepherd
Northeast Region, stationed at the Northeast Regional Health Office in Jonesboro--Cecilia Bigham
Southeast Region, stationed at the Southeast Regional Health Office on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Monticello--Betty Elliott
Southwest Region, stationed at the Southwest Regional Health Office at Nashville--Randy O. Bowling.
The state Medical Director of Immunization was Gordon Page Oates, MD.
The year 1980 was the last year of the IFRs and the Betty Bumpers federal immunization program.

Randy O. Bowling
Greenbrier, AR