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As a descendent of Zibe Barber—who moved to Newark from Decatur, Tennessee, just after the Civil War—I was a little disappointed that this entry about Newark made no mention of my family, some of whom still live in Independence County. And, according to what I’ve been told, more people left Independence County during the Great Depression than during World War II. In fact, my grandparents, Milburn Barber and Evelyn (Henderson) Barber, left in 1938 along with another family to seek work picking cotton in California. They were turned back at the border and settled in Phoenix, Arizona. Our particular branch of the Barber family is now scattered around Arizona, California, and Washington State. However, my sister Connie moved to Newark in 1973 and married Terry Hackworth and now resides in Newark.

Steve D. Barber
Spokane, WA