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The 1939 WPA school replaced a three-story 1914 school that was torn down. It opened the 1939–40 school year serving grades 1–12 students and was called the Redfield High School in Redfield School District # 31 and remained so until 1949 when Initiated Act # 1 of 1948 required that any district of fewer than 350 consolidate with another district. In 1949–50, Redfield joined the Jefferson County School District # 6. It consolidated with the White Hall School District # 27 in May 1950. Grades 10–12 from Redfield started attending the White Hall High School the 1950–51 school year. All students in grades 1–9 in the Redfield area continued to attend the WPA school in Redfield. In 1977, a new elementary school opened, moving grades 1–5 from the WPA school to Hardin Elementary. Later, Grade 6 was moved to the elementary school and Grade 9 moved from the Redfield WPA school to White Hall, thus creating the Redfield Middle School.

Linda Johnson Banks, White Hall High School grad. 1960
Hot Springs, AR