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I have no idea why, but I dreamed of Governor "One Way Cherry" last night. Having grown up in Blytheville and Paragould, I heard that Governor Cherry got that nickname as a result of the highway construction budget being insufficient to pave the highways that were planned, so Governor Cherry was responsible for the decision to pave half the highway. According to my elder(s) telling the story, people would drive on the paved half of the highway no matter which way they were going until there was traffic in both directions. Then, the person who was supposed to be on the unpaved side had to move back over and stay there until it was safe to get back on the paved side once again. When I got up this morning, I did an Internet search, which is how I came up with your website. I'm just curious as to the accuracy of the story I was told. [Editor's note: We don't know if it is accurate either, but it is a great story!]
David Beasley
Kennesaw, GA