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I was born here in Leachville; my family has lived in Leachville now for four generations. My grandfather, Ephram Monroe Howard, was the engineer on the BL&AS Railroad (belonging to the Chicago Mill and Lumber Company based in Blytheville), which was the logging train that cleared this land in Leachville and on Buffalo Island. (I have a wonderful clear picture of that train and the workers on it in 1913 or 1914.) My grandfather lived in Blytheville at the time he was working as the engineer, but he settled in Leachville during that time with his wife and children and started a business in 1917. Howard Funeral Service is the very oldest business in this town and has been owned by our family for four generations. The funeral home has been here on call for Leachville twenty-four hours a day, 360 days a year, since 1917. We also ran an ambulance service, the only one from 1917 until about 1970. When the government put too many regulations on ambulances and funeral homes, we basically had to drop the ambulance service business but did not want to.

Martha Jo Howard Smith
Leachville, AR

My grandfather, A. A. Maynard, came to Leachville in the late 1800s along with his wife and children. He was in the timber and real estate business, and he became the first mayor of Leachville. Much later (in the 1970s), his grandson and my brother, Douglas Maynard, was mayor.
Barbara Maynard Jolliff
Siloam Springs, AR

The Swihart Peach Orchards produce some of the best peaches in the South.
Joshua Woodhouse
---, AR