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I am the daughter of Wayne H. Jackson, deceased. Wayne Jackson was the last grandson of Nicholas Jackson; he has one son, Richard (Rick) Martin Jackson of Las Cruces, New Mexico, who is the closest living male heir. I am the youngest of Wayne's three daughters and live closest to Jacksonville. Rick was a soldier in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany and then returned to service as a civilian for reconstruction purposes in the Middle East. He is a business owner and has been Man of the Year several times both in his own state and in the nation. He is a small business owner and has spoken before the U.S. Congress on the concerns of the small business men and women of today. Our father owned several businesses in Carnegie, Oklahoma, and aided many others behind the scenes in their own businesses. He was well thought of and was a staunch supporter of the Methodist Church, where he was a deacon, a Sunday School teacher, an administrator, and a Mason. He and my mother were married for over sixty-five years. She was an Eastern Star and the Rainbow Girls' Mother Adviser. I have never had more pride in my heritage of being an heir to Nicholas Jackson than I have today. 
Paula Jackson Welch
Roland, AR