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As a former resident of Little Rock, born there and lived there for fifteen years, I really enjoy your site. I was reading another site about Little Rock trolleys, which mentioned something I would really like to know more about. In the early twentieth century at the south end of what was then High St. at 35th St. was a park called Wonderland Park then later called Braddocks Park. By 1930, the article said, these had mostly faded away with little there to show signs of it. I lived a few blocks from there and can remember when the city bus ended at that point and there seemed to be, as I recall, a little area that made me wonder what been there before. The article said it was an area on a bluff overlooking the Fourche Creek area. But I never knew more about it until I read the note on the trolley site. In fact, I had a paper route that went down to that area for a while in about 1959. I checked your index and found nothing except a listing for Wonderland Park, a place in another part of the state, not this. Does anyone know anything about this place? 

M. Chandler
Los Angeles, CA