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Within our current city, having annexed Sylvan Hills, Brush Island (east), and Gravel Ridge, the oldest house is at 2308 E. Kiehl Ave., on the church property of First Christian Church. It was first built in the early 1890s by Robert Clayton, whose son Lonnie bought the 200-acre farm from his winnings as a horse jockey. Clayton Chapel Bapist (1895) was also named for Robert Clayton, as he helped build it. The white farm house eventually became a boarding house. Tenants used to farm the Vandenbergs' property as well being hired hands for the Lea family, who were friends of the Vandenbergs. The house became property of First Christian Church in 1961.
Education: The first schools built in what is now Sylvan Hills for elementary and middle school children were off Hwy 107 in 1920.  Today, they are a Nazarene Church and Retirement Center. Near the Indian Head subdivision, formerly Brush Island east, an African-American school was rebuilt, the Morning Grove School, with help from the Rosenwald Fund in 1922.
These items predate the establishment of Sherwood, but are on land now occupied by the city.  

David Fox
Sherwood, AR