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In your reference to me, I could add that the statement that gays in other cities were open is false. You degrade what I was fighting for. I was beaten by the police and raped and arrested and lost my job at Beauty Box in McCain Mall after this article appeared. I also was met by an angry mob when I went to work the next day. Carrying pitch forks and bats, they stood between me and my salon screaming, “Kill the fag!” I stepped onto the floor. As I did, at least 25 police and FBI agents pointed guns into the crowd and over speakers told them to halt and not touch me or they would shoot; I walked through those bigots ready to die for all gays and lesbians. They covered me with spit. The next day, I was asked to leave the state by the governor and shot at in my room for refusing. The FBI would escort me out of the state that night on a Greyhound bus with a bag of clothes and 29 dollars. So please don’t insult me.

Larry Stone
Hancock Park, CA