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[Submitted by Jerry Bylander, from an oral history given by Ernest Bylander]
When they started the excavation for the stadium footings, my brother Ed was working for Ray Winder, who was the manager, and Roy Thompson of the Democrat P&L, who was president of the association. Ed drove one of the two track-laying tractors they used to dig in the heavy red clay, and I don’t remember if it was him who stuck the big Monarch in the gummy clay or someone else. The Monarch was a tremendous machine, but it wouldn’t pull the hat off your head. They got a couple of Holt Caterpillars and, with all three tractors pulling, finally managed to get the Monarch out of the hole. As Travelers Field was put on the southwest corner of the State Hospital grounds, the patients got in free. I remember seeing them lined up after most of the paying customers had gone in and then the attendants led the patients to their seats. Another thing I remember was when one of the older Hinkson boys climbed on to the first limb of a tall pine tree just outside the ballpark to watch the game, but slipped and fell out of the tree. Didn’t hurt him much, but it broke the collarbone of the fellow he fell on.

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