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According to my family, my father Fredrick H. Payton, his sister Olga, his brother Gerald, and his father Herbert L. Payton lived in the Jacob Wolf House back in the 1920s and maybe 1930s. (I don't know what years exactly.) I remember my dad talking about hearing ghostly sounds in the stairways when the family had retired for the night. I remember him saying that they grew cotton and garden vegetables for a living. He told me that in the 1860s, slaves were hanged there for some reason, and that it was an old fort at one time. He told me they lived on the upper level on the right side of the old fort. When my dad died in 1996, I got an old postcard with a picture of the place on it. That's the first time I saw what it looked like.

Fred Payton Jr.
Livingston, TX