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In the fall of 1966, while I was a student at Memphis State University in Memphis, Tennessee, a friend of mine and I scuba dived into the Mammoth Spring pool in an attempt to penetrate the spring itself. We did manage to get to the opening of the spring at about eighty feet deep, but the force of the water was so tremendous, we could get no farther than the opening at the base of the vertical rock wall in the northwest corner of the spring pool next to Hwy. 63. I remember the visibility was only about three or four feet, even with powerful diving lights. I remember seeing gravel on the bottom literally boiling from the force of the water. I lost a diving knife somewhere in the pool that day and I presume it's still down there. I look back on that attempt as a foolhardy adventure of youth and hope no one ventures into that dangerous place again. Once was enough for me.
Bill Anderson
Monett, MO