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Archibald Dodson Napier was my great-great grandfather. My grandmother, Della Napier Qualls, told me the story many times, exactly as you recorded it, except she never knew the name of the “bushwhacker” who killed him and his deputy, Albert Parks, on Wednesday, October 25, 1865.

Grandmother told me that Isaac C. Napier, brother of Archibald Dodson Napier, fought with Archibald in Co. H, 15th Ark. Militia, and he, too, was killed the same year,1865, by “bushwhackers” while plowing a field at home.

She said there was a big rock in Pope County that had blood stains of a Civil War soldier, where he fell. She saw it as a little girl and said that it was well known by all that saw it. She also said that all the rain that came never washed the stain away.


Babs Lawrence
--, AR