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I was there when the colony first opened in the 1960s. I was there from the age of 9 to 21. I liked the people who ran it but didn’t like the way I was treated by those who had the day-to-day supervision of us. I didn’t like being locked up in the middle of the night when I didn’t know what I was being locked up for. I spent most nights going to sleep being afraid of sexual assault from fellow residents, which occurred frequently. Nice clothes I used to get from my mother were regularly stolen by the staff, and then they bought me cheap stuff. The stealing by staff and sexual assaults by residents were reported, but nothing ever happened to stop it. I just hope that at the colony today, it is better, and the stuff that happened to me doesn’t happen to somebody else, because you never get over it. They said I was supposed to go to school, but I worked. The staff then took the money I made.

Paul Dean Millspaugh
Mountain Home, AR