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I had thought that Joan Hess was not writing anymore since our public library hadn’t gotten anything new for three or four years. In this case, it’s nice to be wrong.
For many years I have been a fan, having found a paperback by her in a used bookstore. Raven was publishing these back then.
I’d like to pass along my gratitude to her for her well-written books. I haven’t had a complaint and, believe me, I’m picky. The Maggody series are my favorites, and I’ve gone for several days suffering from sore ribs from laughing at some of the antics of Brother Verber and Sister Barbara, especially when they got caught up in the brier bushes on one of their “mis”-adventures.
I have sent an email to the public library showing all of the books that the library hasn’t gotten in, and I hope the librarian makes a class-act effort to catch up. My spirits need uplifting! I will soon be 71, and I doubt there is anyone who reads as many books as I do—especially if that person is employed 35 hours a week (working with seniors, of course).

Carolyn C. Shiver
Hartford, AL