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Is it possible that Ferd Havis and Walter Wiley Jones were half or possibly full brothers, sharing the same father and possibly the same mother, as well? 
Have you seen the Distribution to Heirs of Walter Wiley Jones Estate, which was settled in court, Jefferson County? If you have seen it, was John Wiley Jones one of the recipients? I am trying to connect a wealthy Black man...JOHN Wiley Jones, who arrived in Muskogee and McIntosh Counties 1903 to 1904 from Pine Bluff with a large amount of cash which he invested in these counties. John Wiley Jones has two living children: William Jones of Wichita Kansas and Eva Jones Vassar of Seattle Washington....both in their nineties and of sound mind and health. Both of these living children are very close friends of mine.  They have always wondered where their father's wealth came from. 
Also, I have a photo of Eva Jones Vassar's oldest son Kenneth who remarkably favors both Ferd and Wiley.

J.K. Wilson-Synar
Warner, OK