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I’ve been going to Diamond Cave since I was born in 1955. Everyone in my family has been a guide there, but Grandpaw Beacher had the most impact on me there. I own land above it now and plan to build a log church and a recording studio/amphitheater for the youth here in Jasper to have a drama club and music. If God makes this come to pass, the plays there will be so good. Jasper offers our youth little more than drugs and alcohol and church. Please pray the owners let me lease the cave and rewire it, as it will enhance the plans I have for my calling from the Lord. I dream pretty big so pray a lot.

Randall Kilgore
Jasper, AR

I toured Diamond Cave in the late 1950s when I was eleven or twelve. My father's Cabot class of 1938 went there for its senior trip. My mother's relative, Sam Hudson, discovered the cave. Her maternal grandmother's maiden name is Hudson.   
I am sorry that it is no longer open for tours. I would have enjoyed seeing it again. As a youngster, I was in awe of the cave's beauty.

Marina Gayle King
Texarkana, AR