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I am a graduate of the class of 1976 of Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. Shaw was founded in 1865 by Rev. Henry Martin Tupper, a missionary to the South, to educate sons and daughters of freed African slaves after the Civil War.
As a student in the early 1970s, I was impressed by a mural in the library that had a vivid historical narrative. Journalists and visitors to campus often took pictures of the mural. Just yesterday (February 20, 2017), I was in the Shaw University library to take a picture of the mural. The mural tells a story and vital history of the African-American experience.
The mural's historical narrative fits perfectly with a book I am writing to mark 150 years of the university's educational mission, REVISITING SHAW'S UNIVERSE: FROM AFRICA TO THE AMERICAS. I am going to use a photo of the mural to give substance to the university's founding roots as an extension of the bigger African and African-American historical context.
Yesterday, I saw the artist's signature and the date of the work: Louis Freund, 1969. The mural is impressive and has maintained photogenic quality for all these years.
I wonder how long it took for Mr. Freund to complete this work of perfection. I just learned that he had passed in 1999.
I will use this space to thank Mr. Freund and his helpers for a great historical feat. His work speaks for him and his memory lives on at Shaw University.

Vincent Payin
Raleigh, NC