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I saw the movie The Story of Dr. Wassell about the time it was released in 1944. I was greatly impressed with Dr. Wassell’s service in the U.S. Navy in World War II. Then in the spring of 1949, I had the honor of meeting Dr. and Mrs. Wassell in person. They came through my checkout stand at the Kroger store in DeWitt, Arkansas, after shopping for groceries. Mrs. Wassell wrote a check for their purchase, and I noted the name on the check. I happened to mention that I knew about a naval hero of World War II, and I asked if they were related to that Dr. Wassell. Dr. Wassell replied, “I am that Dr. Wassell.” That just happened to be the one and only time I had ever met a real American hero and was very excited to say the least. My wife and I were visiting St. Charles, Arkansas, many years later and we located the house where the Wassells had lived in the late 1940s. I now have a copy of the movie The Story of Dr. Wassell and have reviewed it several times. I still am fascinated about that story and remember shaking hands with my hero Dr. Wassell.
Robert McGinty
Beebe, AR