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As the person who actually ran the so-called Arkansas Project, I decided to clear up the huge gap between truth and speculation. As a consequence, I titled my memoir The Arkansas Project. The book is available at Amazon Books. I am the only living person who lived the entirety of that so-called activity during the Whitewater investigation. None of those who claim to have been or have been said to have been involved were subjected to Hillary Clinton's Shaheen investigation and required to appear before a grand jury in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My book contains legal documents and a complete history of the entire episode. Included in the investigation and required to make appearances before the grand jury were Richard M. Scaife, Dick Larry, Steve Boynton, Parker Dozhier, and me, the author of The Arkansas Project. We were all cleared of any wrongdoing. The reader will find, among many other truths, that I was represented by a young Washington attorney who is now a judge on the Washington DC Federal Court. 
David W. Henderson
Olive Branch, MS