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While visiting Eureka Springs and the museum there, we were told this story about the only bank robbery in the town’s history and shown photos of the culprits’ bodies in the museum's collection.
During the heyday of Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, and other outlaws of the Depression era, four men robbed a bank in Eureka Springs. While making their escape down the unfamiliar, narrow, and twisting roads with police in hot pursuit, they crashed. In the ensuing shootout, all four men were killed. As was the custom of the day, photos of the four were taken as they lay in the morgue and displayed publicly. Three of the robbers were known to authorities in Oklahoma and Texas, but the fourth man was never identified.
Nearly fifty years later, as a group was walking through the newly opened museum, an elderly woman began to gasp and cry at the sight of a picture on display. It seems her brother had left home with three friends back in the thirties and was never heard from again. The nameless bandit was indeed her long-lost brother and the half-century-old mystery of his disappearance was finally solved.
I've always found this story touching and interesting as an odd and unintentional benefit of the museum’s collection.

Joe Schwartz
Joiner, AR