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Editor’s note: The Bylander narratives are oral history narratives submitted by Jerry Bylander on behalf of his uncles Ernest Eugene Bylander and Edgar Gearhart Bylander and other members of the Bylander family.
Harvey Couch, president of Arkansas Power and Light, had a home on large acreage on Lake Catherine, near Hot Springs. He had deer and several wild animals, but he wanted a pair of buffalo. He bought three buffalo in Oklahoma. He gave some of these animals to the zoo, and they got the Arkansas State Highway Dept. to send a truck for them. The zoo kept the buffalo in a pen with a goat. Mr. Adams (whom the Little Rock Airport is named for) owned a wholesale produce company, and he, along with other wholesale firms, would give us old vegetables and fruit, and I would haul it in the state fair’s Model T Ford touring car. I would feed the old peaches to the goat. One time we got a load of peaches that had gotten over-ripe, and we threw them in the buffalo-elk-goat pen for the goats to eat. One of the buffaloes ate some of the spoiled peaches and died—when he was cut open for an autopsy, his stomach was full of peach pits. They had the head mounted and gave it to Dad [Ernest G. Bylander]. I don’t know where it ended up.

Bylander family
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