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I was thirteen years old in 1963 and a Travelers’ fan. In a previous season, I used to sit in section W, Row 1, Seat 10—the closest seat to the bullpen. I actually talked to the pitchers and got a ball from Bo Belinsky, although I couldn’t buy him a beer even with his ID. I do not remember the opening day pickets on April 16th or all the other racist stuff, although I was not a liberal at the time. I was 13. But I do remember the game. It was also the day that two events that would change life forever happened in Little Rock, one personal and one global. There is much written about the night that baseball was integrated in Little Rock. However, what ties me to that day is personal. It was two days after Larry Storthz’s birthday, and I attended that game with Steve Tuck and Larry. We were driven to the game by my dad. Later, I was called over the PA. I was then told my dad was real sick. I was picked up by neighbors and told my father had died. Sam Levine died at the same time Dick Allen was making his debut, and my world was never the same. I followed his career from then on.

Bruce Levine
St. Louis, MO