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My family lived near White Oak Creek just north of where the state park is. My great-great-grandfather Charles Featherston Walthall, along with twelve other men, contested the crossing of Eugene Carr’s advance guard of the VII Corps. Charles was captured after the 3,000 cavalry men overran the position held by the thirteen Confederate infantry. Charles was at the first battle of Poison Springs. Charles was at the occupation of Camden. Charles was held prisoner in the county jail for the duration of the occupation of twelve days. Charles was with the Union retreat to Jenkins' Ferry. Charles was with the Federal retreat all the way back to Little Rock. Charles was confined there on May 3rd. Charles was shipped north to St. Louis, and then to the arsenal at Rock Island. Charles was denied medical care. He was malnourished and was inadequately housed and clothed. Charles died at Rock Island on Nov. 10, 1864. He is buried in grave 1603. He left behind a wife and three small children. Charles’s brother Edward was captured at Ft. Donelson, and died as a POW at Camp Douglas. One of Charles’s children was William Jethro Walthall, who grew up to be the State Superintendent of the Assembly of God Church--twice. Charles’s daughter grew up, got married, and had several children. Charles’s son Andrew Joseph was my great-grandfather. My grandfather was named Charles. My uncle Charles died as a young child. And I am named Charles.
My grandmother was very adamant that we all remember that after my grandfather was taken away, the Union army stripped his home of personal possessions. They left my great-great-grandmother Mary Jemima in her slip. And soon made a widow of her...
Charles Walthall
Garland City, AR