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Irene Samuels told me at a meeting for the planning of the 40th reunion of the Women's Emergency Committee (WEC) that I was to arrange for an artwork to commemorate the contributions of the committee. She just pointed a finger at me and said that was my assignment. I was not quite sure what she had in mind, but after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to create the "windows project." The membership of the WEC was not known to the community. And many were relieved that their names were not made public. Members of the WEC board had often suffered in their efforts to carry out the organization's mission. 
Inspired by Maya Lin's naming project, I decided to have the names of WEC members etched on the windows of the sun room, a space adjacent to the dining room of Mrs. Terry's home, where board members had once gathered around the dining room table to conduct their business.  
Soos Glass Co. was hired to etch the names of WEC members, never before made public, on replacement window panes. As was usual at the time, women were identified by their husbands' names. Only unmarried women were listed by their given names.  
So it was that the the membership of WEC was revealed on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of WEC. (I also served as chair of WEC's 40th Commemoration Committee.)  Hillary Clinton was the featured speaker. 

June Freeman
Little Rock, AR

At Springdale High School, we had a student from Central during the 1958-59 year (William Branscom). His father was a dentist in Little Rock. He commuted from Little Rock each week. He stayed with relatives, the Sisco family in Springdale, during that time, owners of the funeral home there. He was killed in a car accident at a Northwest Arkansas car rally.
Jerry Don May was a 1959 graduate of Springdale High School; he attended Springdale High while the Little Rock schools were closed. He had a younger sister who also attended that year.

Kay Goss
Alexandria, VA