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My father, Robert J. Williams, was born in Keyport, New Jersey, April 23, 1919. His father, Jewell Williams, was a traveling electrician/salesman/inventor; this gave my father a nomadic boyhood until the family eventually settled in Little Rock, Arkansas.
He attended Central High School in Little Rock. As a senior, he was inspired to go to Annapolis by his English teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Huckaby. Mrs. Huckaby let my father take home and read the latest edition of National Geographic that she had in her classroom, knowing that he had early goals of becoming a naval officer. This 1936 edition had a lengthy story about the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. This National Geographic was also the first to use four colors.
Mrs. Huckaby would later become well known for her desegregation involvement at Central High in Little Rock. She was later portrayed in a movie by actress
Joanne Woodward regarding the desegregation movement of 1950s and ’60s.
Joining the U.S. Navy in 1937 at the age of seventeen, my father would eventually be accepted into the Naval Academy. He graduated from the academy in 1942, a year early, due to the war. 
Forty-five years after borrowing the National Geographic from his English teacher, my father and my mother strolled into a used bookstore in Long Beach, California. After looking through the old National Geographic magazines, my father stumbled across the same 1936 edition with the story on Annapolis.
After purchasing the magazine and returning home, my father sat down to look and read through it like he did almost a half a century earlier. When he glanced at the top of the front cover, he saw printed in pencil the name "Mrs. Huckaby.”
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