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Homer Atkins was my uncle. I hardly remember him, but I used to go with my parents to visit with him and Aunt Stelle. I would like to know more about him. I was told there was a church and a school named after him. When we went to see them, I was a small child; I am now 59. Uncle Homer had a dog that would go and get the mail for him, but before the dog would let him have it, Uncle Homer had to give him a piece of light bread. He let me give the dog the bread and the dog gave me the mail. He also had some goats in a pen in the back and told me that if I caught one, I could have it. Being a kid, that thrilled me. So while the grownups were visiting, I sneaked out back and got in the pen to catch a goat and one had me pinned in. I remember yelling for help and Uncle Homer came running out there and got me.
My grandmother's name was Margaret William Smith, and she and Aunt Stelle were related.

Eloise S. Lowery
Jonesboro, LA