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I remember picking pink tomatoes and the Campbell Soup Company carting them off. Tomato fights, tomato-eating contests, tomato stompin’, tomato worms…
It’s difficult for me to believe that kids today could have as much fun as we did back in 1957 when we were all college kids (and a few pre-college kids).
My friends were the Nelsons: son Dick, father Cyrus, Mrs. Nelson, and a daughter. I can remember that Dick had a job working with the Arkansas State Police as a radio dispatcher. I was sitting in the studio reading something when Dick made an APB that there was a tornado in the immediate area. It then roared through town and dropped a railroad crosstie right in the center of the Nelsons’ dining-room table. I remember looking up and the sky was black with crossties, and it started raining ties all over town. Many people died from that storm.
A black man named “Moree” was the town’s designated lawnskeeper. When he would pass by, he would pull a hankie from his pocket to wipe his brow and say, “Sho is hot!”
Jack Scobey lived across from the Nelsons and drove one of the tri-five Chevrolets. Bob Fullerton, with the Bradley County Lumber Mill, and his daughter Roberta were some of the greatest party hosts. Roberta, always an instigator, was the most fun girlfriend I ever had.
I was from Little Rock, but Warren was my town in the summer. In the winter, I was struggling at Little Rock Junior College, but finally took a family friend’s advice and joined the navy. The friend was Sen. J. William Fulbright, and through his relations with my family, he got me pointed in the right direction. I spent thirty-four years working as a consultant in naval aerospace design engineering. I retired in 1994 in Phoenix, but I’m proud to say that my friends from Warren have done well.

Gene Davis
Flagstaff, AZ