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The last year that Parkin High School was in existence (2004-05 school year), I was the girls' high school and junior high basketball coach. I did not know when I accepted the job that year that the school would be closing. Teachers and coaches suspected quickly that the school was in trouble.
Rumors were floating around early in the school year that things were not looking good. The attendance was low and morale was horrible. But I always felt like the kids were the ones that lost out. It was hard to coach a team when you realized there was not future to build for. Surprisingly, we actually won a few varsity games, and we were competitive in many more. Laisha Weaver was a tremendous basketball player and had an opportunity to play at the next level but declined the offer.
All in all, I would not trade that one year for anything. I am proud to have coached those young ladies.


Philip Cantrell
Annapolis, MD