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In January 2013, the White Hall School Board voted to close the Redfield WPA campus. The school had been built in 1939 to replace the 1914 school, sending all students in grades 6–12 to White Hall. Gone are the basketball games and all of the activities a junior high or middle school can generate. This WPA school has been the heartbeat of Redfield since it was built in 1939. The school mascot was the lion. We loved it so much.
The building has beautiful strip hardwood floors, an elevated stage with velvet curtains, a homey kitchen, large double-hung windows with great natural lighting, a high pitched roof, and solid brick veneer all around. It is stately, and we cherish it. The back of the school had a teacherage for the principal or headmaster. One, Mr. Miles Tillery, was there for more than twenty years. This was later converted to a science class and lab.
The property also had a well house and carriage house from the old 1914 school, and two grave sites from circa 1890 (the markers have been destroyed).
The community of Redfield was able to purchase the 1939 WPA school and gymnasium from the White Hall School District in January 2014 through a sealed-bid process whereby the grass-roots organization Keep Redfield Middle School paid $70,112 for it. It is now known as the Keep Redfield Middle School Community Center, and we are in the process of placing it on the National Register of Historic Places. A mural in the cafeteria was completed in 2013 by art students.

Linda Johnson Banks, White Hall High School grad. 1960
Hot Springs, AR