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Category: Fiction

"Big Bear of Arkansas, The"
Abbott, Shirley, see: Tomkievicz, Shirley Jean Abbott
Arkansaw Bear: A Tale of Fanciful Adventure [Book]
Auburn, David
Babcock, Bernie
Babcock, Julia Burnelle Smade, see: Babcock, Bernie
Big Doc's Girl [Book]
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate
Black, Daniel
Blackmon, Anita
Bradford, Roark
Branscum, Robbie Tilley
Brockmeier, Kevin John
Brown, Dee
Brown, Dorris Alexander, see: Brown, Dee
Butler Jr., Jack Armand, see: Butler, Jack
Butler, Jack
Call, Cora Elizabeth Pinkley
Cotton in My Sack [Book]
Coulter, Hope Norman
Crawford, Phyllis
Der Squire: Ein Bild aus den Hinterwalden Nordamerikas [Book]
Dragonwagon, Crescent
Dumas, Henry
Elgin, Suzette Haden
Epperson, Tom
Exact and Very Strange Truth, The [Book]
Finer Points of Sausage Dogs, The [Book]
Finger, Charles Joseph
Forbush, Nellie [Fictional Character]
Ford, Richard Carrel
French, Alice, see: Thanet, Octave
Garner, Claud Wilton
Gilchrist, Ellen
Giles, Janice Holt
Greene, Bette Evensky
Grisham, John
Gwaltney, Francis Irby
Hadley, Joan, see: Hess, Joan Edmiston
Hall, B. C.
Hamilton, Laurell K.
Harington, Donald
Harris, Charlaine
Harris, E. Lynn
Harris, Everette Lynn, see: Harris, E. Lynn
Harrison, Bill, see: Harrison, William Neal
Harrison, William Neal
Hays, Donald Slaven, see: Hays, Skip
Hays, Skip
Hess, Joan Edmiston
Hill, Mars Andrew, III
Hubbell, Webster Lee (Webb)
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings [Book and Movie]
Jacobs, John Hornor
Jones, Douglas Clyde
Knoop, Faith Yingling
Lake, Paul
Lavers, Cecil Norman, see: Lavers, Norman
Lavers, Norman
Lee, Lorelei [Fictional Character]
Lenski, Lois
Lighton, Will
Lighton, William Rheem, see: Lighton, Will
Lily Bard Series, see: Shakespeare [Book Series]
Madden, Ed
Marcusben, Dora G. B.
Maudelle: A Novel Founded of Facts Gathered From Living Witnesses [Book]
Mayer, Mercer
McGehee, Peter Gregory
McLarey, Myra Dell
McMath, Phillip Hal
Medearis, Mary Myrtle
Morgan, Speer
Morris, Gilbert Leslie
Noland, Charles Fenton Mercer (Fent), see: Noland, Fent
Noland, Fent
On a Slow Train Through Arkansaw [Book]
Ozark Trilogy, The [Books]
Painted House, A [Book and Movie]
Pendleton, Donald Eugene (Don)
Piazza, Ben Daniel
Plum Thicket, The [Book]
Portis, Charles McColl
Powell, Nathan Lee (Nate)
Primary Colors [Book and Movie]
Pullers [Book]
Read, Opie Pope
Richards, Dusty
Richards, Ronald Lee, see: Richards, Dusty
Risley, Eleanor de la Vergne Doss
Rivers, Diana
Ruled by the Whip [Book]
Salassi, Otto
Schultz, Jean Charlaine Harris, see: Harris, Charlaine
Shakespeare [Book Series]
Shaver, Richard Sharpe
Simon, Charlie May
Smith, Anita Blackmon, see: Blackmon, Anita
Stewart, Trenton Lee
Stockley, Griffin Jasper
Street, James Howell
Stuart, Mary Routh McEnery
Stuart, Ruth McEnery, see: Stuart, Mary Routh McEnery
Sugar [Book], see: Sugar Lacey Series [Book Series]
Sugar Lacey Series [Book Series]
Summer of My German Soldier [Book and Movie]
Thanet, Octave
Thibault, David
This Bitter Earth [Book], see: Sugar Lacey Series [Book Series]
Tomkievicz, Shirley Jean Abbott
Trieschmann, John Werner, IV
True Grit [Book and Movies]
Turner, Josie, see: Crawford, Phyllis
Wilkins, Gina Ferris Vaughan
Wilkins, Patricia Ann, see: Elgin, Suzette Haden
Witness, The [Novel]
Wright, Richard Nathaniel
Zolotow, Ellen, see: Dragonwagon, Crescent

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