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Category: Ships and Vessels

Blue Wing No. 2 [Steamboat]
Celeste [Steamboat]
City of Oakland [Boat], see: USS Hoga (YT-146)
Commercial [Steamboat]
CSS Arkansas
CSS Maurepas
CSS Pontchartrain
Dove [Steamboat]
Homer [Steamboat]
J. H. Miller [Steamboat]
John D. Perry [Steamboat]
Kaskaskia [Steamboat]
Kate Hart [Steamboat]
Resolute [Steamboat]
SS Ouachita Victory
Steamboats (Civil War)
Sultana [Steamboat]
Tom Sugg [Steamboat], see: USS Tensas
USNS Cossatot, see: USS Cossatot (AO-77)
USS Arkansas (BB-33)
USS Arkansas (CGN-41)
USS Arkansas (Civil War)
USS Arkansas (M-7)
USS Baron De Kalb
USS Baxter (APA-94)
USS Boone County (LST-389)
USS Bradley County (LST-400)
USS Chicot (AK-170)
USS Cincinnati
USS Clara Dolsen
USS Cleburne (APA-73)
USS Conestoga
USS Cooper (DD-695)
USS Cossatot (AO-77)
USS Craighead (AK-175)
USS Cricket
USS Crittenden (APA-77)
USS Drew (APA-162)
USS Fort Hindman
USS Glide
USS Grant County (LST-1174)
USS Hoga (YT-146)
USS Jefferson County (LST-845)
USS Johnson County (LST-849)
USS Lafayette County (LST-859)
USS Lawrence County (LST-887)
USS Lexington
USS Little Rock (CL-92, CLG-4)
USS Little Rock (LCS-9)
USS Louisville
USS Marion County (LST-975)
USS Moale (DD-693)
USS Monarch
USS Monroe County (LST-1038)
USS Montgomery County (LST-1041)
USS Mound City
USS New Era
USS Ouachita County (LST-1071)
USS Ozark (BM-7), see: USS Arkansas (M-7)
USS Poinsett (AK-205)
USS Polk County (LST-1084)
USS Pruitt
USS Pulaski County (LST-1088)
USS Queen City
USS Rattler
USS Razorback [Submarine]
USS Saline County (LST-1101)
USS Sebastian (AK-211)
USS Sevier (APA-233)
USS St. Francis River (LSMR-525)
USS St. Louis, see: USS Baron De Kalb
USS Stone County (LST-1141)
USS Tensas
USS Tyler
USS Van Buren (PF-42)

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