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Race & Ethnicity: African American

"Howlin' Wolf"
Abrams, Annie Mable McDaniel
Act 151 of 1859
Act 320 of 1911, see: One Drop Rule
Act to Remove the Free Negroes and Mulattos from the State, see: Act 151 of 1859
African Americans
African Methodist Episcopal Church
African-American Union Troops, see: Black Union Troops
Alexander, John Hanks
Alexander, Larry Dell
Allen, Dick
Allen, Richard Anthony , see: Allen, Dick
Allison, Luther
Altheimer, Joshua
Anderson, Pernella
Angelou, Maya
Anti-miscegenation Laws
Argenta Race Riot of 1906
Arkadelphia Baptist Academy
Arkadelphia Lynching of 1879
Arkadelphia Presbyterian Academy
Arkansas "Scottsboro" Case
Arkansas Association of Colored Women
Arkansas Association of Colored Women’s and Girls Federated Clubs, Inc., see: Arkansas Association of Colored Women
Arkansas Association of Women, Youth, and Young Adults Clubs, Inc., see: Arkansas Association of Colored Women
Arkansas Association of Women’s Clubs, Inc., see: Arkansas Association of Colored Women
Arkansas Black Hall of Fame
Arkansas Council on Human Relations (ACHR)
Arkansas Freeman [Newspaper]
Arkansas Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association
Arkansas Negro Democratic Association (ANDA)
Arkansas State Capitol, Desegregation of the
Arkansas State Press
Arkansas Teachers Association (ATA)
Arkansas's Free Negro Expulsion Act of 1859, see: Act 151 of 1859
Armstrong III, Ralph Waldo
Atkins Race War of 1897
Ausbie, "Geese"
Ausbie, Hubert, see: Ausbie, "Geese"
Austin, Roberta Evelyn Winston Martin, see: Martin, Roberta Evelyn
Back-to-Africa Movement
Bailey, James (Lynching of)
Baker, Eugene (Lynching of)
Banks, Isadore (Murder of)
Banks, James Albert
Barnes, Jim "Bad News"
Bates, Daisy Lee Gatson
Bates, Lucious Christopher
Bays, Glenco (Lynching of)
Beals, Melba Pattillo
Bearden Lynching of 1893
Beavers, William and Henry (Lynchings of)
Bell, Al
Bell, Lasker (Las)
Berryman, Peter (Lynching of)
Bethel Institute, see: Shorter College
Biscoe Family (Lynching of)
Black Americans for Democracy (BAD)
Black Codes, see: Post-bellum Black Codes
Black Power Movement
Black Students Association (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville), see: Black Americans for Democracy (BAD)
Black Union Troops
Black United Youth (BUY)
Black, Daniel
Black, Pickens W., Sr.
Blakely, Joe (Lynching of)
Bogan, West (Trial of)
Bonanza Race War of 1904
Bond, Scott Winfield
Bond, Ulysses Scott (U. S.)
Booker, Joseph Albert
Boston, Gretha Denise
Branch, Charley (Lynching of)
Branton, Wiley Austin, Sr.
Briggs, Clinton (Lynching of)
Brock, Lou
Brock, Louis Clark, see: Brock, Lou
Broonzy, "Big Bill"
Broonzy, William Conley Lee, see: Broonzy, "Big Bill"
Brown, Floyd B.
Bunch, William
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, see: Freedmen's Bureau
Burnett, Chester Arthur, see: "Howlin' Wolf"
Bush, John
Bussey, Charles E., Jr.
Calhoun County Race War of 1892, see: Hampton Race War of 1892
Camp Bethune, see: NYA Camp Bethune
Canfield Race War of 1896
Carroll, Joe Barry
Carter, John (Lynching of)
Carter, Vertie Lee Glasgow
Caruthers, James X., and Bubbles Clayton (Trial and Execution of), see: Arkansas "Scottsboro" Case
Catcher Race Riot of 1923
Caulder, Peter
Centennial Baptist Church
Central High School, Desegregation of
Charleston Schools, Desegregation of
Chicot County Massacre, see: Chicot County Race War of 1871
Chicot County Race War of 1871
Christ Church Parochial and Industrial School
Clarendon Lynching of 1898
Clark, Mamie Katherine Phipps
Clark, Moses Aaron
Claybrook Tigers Baseball Team
Claybrook, John C.
Clayton, Alonzo "Lonnie"
Clayton, Bubbles, and James X. Caruthers (Trial and Execution of), see: Arkansas "Scottsboro" Case
Cleaver, Leroy Eldridge
Coffey, Cornelius Robinson
Coffin, Frank Barbour
Cole, Kevin Earlee
Colored Industrial Institute
Cone, James Hal
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Conley, Michael Alex
Consolidated White River Academy
Corbin, Joseph Carter
Cotton Plant Academy
Council for the Liberation of Blacks (CLOB)
Council on Community Affairs (COCA)
Coy, Edward (Lynching of)
Crenchaw, Milton Pitts
Crisis at Central High, see: Central High School, Desegregation of
Crittenden County Expulsion of 1888
Crystal Bathhouse
Daniels Family, Lynching of, see: Arkadelphia Lynching of 1879
Davis, Danny K.
Davis, Ellis CeDell
Devoe and Huntley (Lynching of)
Donaldson, Jeffrey Richardson (Jeff)
Donnelly, Robert (Lynching of)
Duke, Charles Sumner
Dumas, Henry
Dunbar Junior and Senior High School and Junior College, see: Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Dye, "Aunt Caroline"
Dye, Caroline Tracy, see: Dye, "Aunt Caroline"
Earle Race Riot of 1970
Eckford, Elizabeth Ann
El Dorado Race Riot of 1910
Elaine Massacre
Elaine Race Massacre, see: Elaine Massacre
Elaine Race Riot of 1919, see: Elaine Massacre
Elders, Joycelyn
Eleventh Regiment, United States Colored Troops
Ellis, Emmett, Jr., see: Rush, Bobby
Ellison, Clyde (Lynching of)
EMOBA, see: Museum of Black Arkansans and Performing Arts Center
Fargo Agricultural School
Fayetteville Schools, Desegregation of
Fifty-fourth U.S. Colored Infantry, see: Second Arkansas Infantry (African Descent)
Fifty-seventh Regiment, United States Colored Troops
First Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (African Descent)
Flemming, Owen (Lynching of)
Flowers, William Harold
Forrest City Riot of 1889
Forty-sixth Regiment U.S. Colored Troops, see: First Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (African Descent)
Fourth Arkansas Infantry (African Descent), see: Fifty-seventh Regiment, United States Colored Troops
Frederick, Bart (Lynchings Related to the Murder of)
Free Blacks
Free Negroes, see: Free Blacks
Freedmen's Bureau
Freedom Rides
Fuller, Bennie
Furbush, William Hines
Garland, Mamie Odessa Hale
George Berry Washington Memorial
Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar
Gibson, J. W. (Murder of)
Gillam, Isaac Taylor
Goff, Houston, see: Stackhouse, Houston
Great Migration
Green, Al
Green, Ernest Gideon
Green, Marlon DeWitt
Greene, Charles Edward
Greensboro Lynching of 1881, see: Jonesboro Lynching of 1881
Greenwood, L. C.
Grey, William Henry
Grice, Geleve
Hackett, Nelson
Haley, George Williford Boyce
Hall, David
Hallelujah [Movie]
Hall-Trujillo, Kathryn
Hamilton, Lawrence Oliver
Hampton Race War of 1892
Harris, E. Lynn
Harris, Everette Lynn, see: Harris, E. Lynn
Harris, Gilbert (Lynching of)
Harris, John (Lynching of)
Harrison Race Riots
Hartman, Ena
Hathaway, Isaac Scott
Havis, Ferd
Havis, Ferdinand, see: Havis, Ferd
Hayden, Bud (Lynching of)
Hayes, Morris Kevin
Haygood Seminary
Haynes, George Edmund
Hendricks, Barbara Ann
Hibbler, Al
Hibbler, Albert George Edward, see: Hibbler, Al
Hildreth, James Earl King
Hill, Mars Andrew, III
Hill, Robert Lee
Hill, Thomas Lionel
Hines, James Ray (Jim)
Hogan, Richard Nathaniel
Honorable, Colette Dodson
Hoover, Theressa
Hot Springs Normal and Industrial Institute
House Bill 79 of 1911, see: One Drop Rule
Houser, Napoleon Bonaparte
Howard County Race Riot of 1883
Howard, Effie Mae Martin, see: Tompkins, Rosie Lee
Hoxie Schools, Desegregation of
Hunley, Dan (Lynching of)
Hunt, Silas Herbert
Huntley and Devoe (Lynching of), see: Devoe and Huntley (Lynching of)
Hutton, Bobby James
Integration, see: Segregation and Desegregation
Isbell, Alvertis, see: Bell, Al
Ish, George William Stanley
Jackson, Joseph Walter (Joe)
Jackson, Keith Jerome
James, Henry (Lynching of)
Jasper, Ricky Lane
Jennette (Crittenden County)
Jewell, Jerry Donal
Jim Crow Laws
John, "Little Willie"
John, William Edgar, see: John, "Little Willie"
Johnson, Glenn T.
Johnson, Joe Marcus
Johnson, John Harold
Johnson, Marguerite Annie, see: Angelou, Maya
Jones, Edith Irby
Jones, Fred Thomas
Jones, Minnie Lee , see: Elders, Joycelyn
Jones, Scipio Africanus
Jones, Walter, see: Jones, Wiley
Jones, Wiley
Jones, Willa Saunders
Jonesboro Lynching of 1881
Joplin, Scott
Jordan, Lena Lowe
Jordan, Louis Thomas
Joyner, Alfredrick Alphonso (Al)
Karlmark, Gloria Cecelia Ray
Kees, Willie (Lynching of)
Kendrick, Eddie Lee
King, Albert
Kountz, Samuel Lee, Jr.
LaNier, Carlotta Walls
Leavy, Calvin James "Slim"
Lee, Donald Luther, see: Madhubuti, Haki R.
Lewis, David Levering
Lewis, Henry Jackson
Lewis, Kristin
Lightfoot, G. P. F. (Lynching of)
Linton, Henri
Liston, Charles, see: Liston, Sonny
Liston, Sonny
Little Africa (Polk County)
Little River County Race War of 1899
Little Rock Desegregation Crisis, see: Central High School, Desegregation of
Little Rock Nine
Livingston, Frank (Lynching of)
Lockwood, Robert, Jr.
Long III, Dallas Cutcher
Lonoke County Lynching of 1910
Lonoke County Race War of 1897–1898
Lowery, Henry (Lynching of)
Lucas, John Gray
Madhubuti, Haki R.
Marion Lynching of 1910
Martin, Mahlon Adrian
Martin, Roberta Evelyn
Mason, Charles Harrison
Mason, James W.
Massie, Samuel Proctor, Jr.
Mathis, Deborah Myers
Maudelle: A Novel Founded of Facts Gathered From Living Witnesses [Book]
McClain, Doc (Lynching of)
McCollum, Robert Lee, see: Nighthawk, Robert
McConico, J. H.
McConico, John Hamilton, see: McConico, J. H.
McFerrin, Robert, Sr.
McGehee Lynching of 1894
McGraw, Patricia Washington
McIntosh, Robert "Say"
Mebane Academy, see: Hot Springs Normal and Industrial Institute
Mercer, Christopher Columbus, Jr.
Military Farm Colonies (Arkansas Delta)
Miller, Abraham Hugo
Miller, Aleck, see: Williamson, "Sonny Boy"
Miller, Eliza Ann Ross
Minton, Clifford E.
Mitchell v. United States
Mitchell, Bobby
Mitchell, Charles (Lynching of)
Moncrief, Sidney
Montague, Raye Jean Jordan
Monticello Academy
Monticello Lynching of 1898, see: Skipper v. Union Central Life Insurance Company
Moore, Rudy Ray
Morris, Elias Camp
Mosaic Templars Cultural Center
Mosaic Templars of America
Mosely, Julius (Lynching of)
Mosley, Lawrence Leo "Snub"
Museum of Black Arkansans and Performing Arts Center
NAACP, see: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Neal, Olly, Jr.
Negro Boys Industrial School Fire of 1959
Nelson, Albert, see: King, Albert
Nelson, Bud (Lynching of)
Nelson, Dan T. (Lynching of)
Nevada County Race War of 1897
Nighthawk, Robert
Norful, Smokie
Norful, Willie Ray, Jr., see: Norful, Smokie
Norman, Will (Lynching of)
North Little Rock Six
Northern Ohio School
NYA Camp Bethune
Oats, Presley (Lynching of)
One Drop Rule
Original Tuskegee Airmen
Pankey (Pulaski County)
Paragould Race Riots
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Perry, Harold Robert
Philander Smith College
Phillips, Henry (Lynching of)
Pickens, William
Pilgrim, Cicero Osco
Pine Bluff Lynchings of 1892
Pippen, Scottie Maurice
Pitts, Elijah Eugene
Pointer, Anita
Polk County Race War of 1896
Porter Jr., Arthur Lee, see: Porter, Art, Jr.
Porter Sr., Arthur Lee, see: Porter, Art, Sr.
Porter, Art, Jr.
Porter, Art, Sr.
Post-bellum Black Codes
Pounds, Winston (Lynching of)
Preston, Alice L.
Price, Florence Beatrice Smith
Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America (PFHUA)
Rector, Rickey Ray (Execution of)
Reed (Desha County)
Reeves, Bass
Richard Allen Institute
Richardson, Nolan
Ricks, G. W. and Moses (Lynching of)
Roaf, Andree Yvonne Layton
Roaf, William (Willie)
Roberts, Terrence James
Robinson, John Marshall
Rodgers, James Ronald, Sr.
Rosenwald Schools
Royal Circle of Friends, see: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
Rush, Bobby
Russ, Carnell (Killing of)
Sanders, Jim (Lynching of)
Sanders, Pharoah
Seals, Frank "Son"
Second Arkansas Infantry (African Descent)
Segregation and Desegregation
Shackelford, Lottie Lee Holt
Shead, Henry Wallace, Sr.
Shed, Henry, see: Shead, Henry Wallace, Sr.
Shepperson, Carrie Lena Fambro Still
Sherrill, William LeVan
Shorter College
Skipper v. Union Central Life Insurance Company
Skipper, William Franklin (Murder of), see: Skipper v. Union Central Life Insurance Company
Slater, Philip (Lynching of)
Slater, Rodney Earl
Slave Codes
Slave Narratives, see: WPA Slave Narratives
Smith Jr., Shaffer Chimere, see: Ne-Yo
Smith, Alfred Edgar
Smith, Leroy (Lynching of)
Smith, Ocie Lee (O. C.), Jr.
Sons of Ham, see: United Sons of Ham of America
Southern Arkansas Race Riots of Late 1896
Southland College
St. Charles Lynching of 1904
Stackhouse, Houston
Stephens, Lottie, see: Stephens, Charlotte Andrews (Lottie)
Stephens, Charlotte Andrews (Lottie)
Still, William Grant
Streetcar Segregation Act of 1903
Stroger, John Herman, Jr.
Strong, Anna
Stubblefield, John
Students Taking a New Direction (STAND), see: Black Americans for Democracy (BAD)
Students United for Rights and Equality (SURE)
Sullivan, Orean Lencola
Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
Surratt, Alfred "Slick"
Sutton, Ozell
Sweet Home (Pulaski County)
Sykes, Roosevelt "The Honeydripper"
Taborian Hall
Tate, John "Big John"
Tate, Sonja Patrice
Tatum, Reece "Goose"
Taylor, George Edwin
Taylor, Jermain
Taylor, Johnnie Harrison
Taylor, Lecester Jermain, see: Taylor, Jermain
Taylor, Samuel Shinkle
Terry, Clark
Tharpe, "Sister Rosetta"
Tharpe, Rosetta Nubin, see: Tharpe, "Sister Rosetta"
Thomas, Jefferson Allison
Thomas, Wade (Lynching of)
Thompson, Green Walter
Thompson, Roosevelt Levander
Thurman, Sue Bailey
Tompkins, Rosie Lee
Trent, Alphonso E. "Phonnie"
Trickey, Minnijean Brown
Tuggle, Browning (Lynching of)
Turner Bell, Debbye
Turner, Debrah Lynn, see: Turner Bell, Debbye
Turner, William (Lynching of)
Tuskegee Airmen, Original, see: Original Tuskegee Airmen
United Sons of Ham of America
United States v. Waddell et al.
Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)
Urban League
Van Buren Schools, Desegregation of
W. F. Branch High School
Wair, Thelma Jean Mothershed
Walnut Ridge Race War of 1912
Warfield, William Caesar
Warren, Joyce Elise Williams
Watson, Harriet Louise Gertrude Rutherford, see: Watson, Hattie Rutherford
Watson, Hattie Rutherford
Watson, John Brown
Weldon, Casey Bill
Wells, Ira James Kohath
West, John (Lynching of)
Wheatstraw, Peetie, see: Bunch, William
Wheeler, Lloyd Garrison
Whitman, Essie Barbara
Williams, J. Mayo "Ink"
Williams, Sue Cowan
Williamson, "Sonny Boy"
Williamson, Corliss Mondari
Witherspoon, Jimmy "Spoon"
Worthington, James Mason, see: Mason, James W.
WPA Slave Narratives
Wright, Richard Nathaniel
Wrightsville Fire of 1959, see: Negro Boys Industrial School Fire of 1959
Wynne Normal and Industrial Institute

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