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Time Period: World War II through the Faubus Era (1941 - 1967)

"Amazing Adventures of My Dog Sheppy, The" [Television Show]
"Howlin' Wolf"
Aaron v. Cooper
Abraham, Lucien
Act 10 of 1958 [Affidavit Law]
Act 115 of 1958 [Anti-NAACP Law]
Act 311 of 1945, see: Revenue Stabilization Act
Act 401 of 1951
Adams, Betty May, see: Adams, Julie
Adams, Julie
Adkins, Homer Martin
Alexander, Harold Edward
Alexander, Henry McMillan
Alford, Thomas Dale
All American Red Heads
Allen, Dick
Allen, Dorathy N. McDonald
Allen, Richard Anthony , see: Allen, Dick
Allison, Luther
Aluminum Bowl
Amendment 33
Amendment 34, see: Right to Work Law
Amendment 44
Anderson, Bruce Roy
Andrews, Lloyd
Andrews, Slim, see: Andrews, Lloyd
Annals of Arkansas [Books]
Antrim, Richard Nott
Appleby, Jack
Appleby, John Tate, see: Appleby, Jack
Arkansas Children's Colony
Arkansas Council on Human Relations (ACHR)
Arkansas Diamonds [Football Team]
Arkansas Economic Development Districts, see: Arkansas Planning And Development Districts
Arkansas Girls State
Arkansas Judge [Movie]
Arkansas League of Women Voters, see: League of Women Voters of Arkansas
Arkansas Loan and Thrift
Arkansas Ordnance Plant (AOP), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Arkansas Planning And Development Districts
Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Arkansas Slim, see: Andrews, Lloyd
Arkansas State Capitol, Desegregation of the
Arkansas State Guard
Arkansas State Press
Arkansas State Sovereignty Commission
Arkansas Swing, The [Movie]
Ashley, Eliza Jane
Ashley, Hubert Carl (Hugh)
Ashmore, Harry Scott
Atkins Pickle Company
Atkinson, James Harris (J. H.)
Ausbie, "Geese"
Ausbie, Hubert, see: Ausbie, "Geese"
Austin, Roberta Evelyn Winston Martin, see: Martin, Roberta Evelyn
B-17 Flying Fortress Explosion of 1943
B-47 Bomber Crash of 1960
Babcock, Lucille (Lucy)
Baby of Arts Degree
Bailey, Marian Breland
Banks, Isadore (Murder of)
Barnes, Jim "Bad News"
Barnhill, John Henry "Barnie"
Bartleby Clown College
Barton, Loy
Barton, Thomas Harry
Bates v. City of Little Rock, see: Daisy Bates et al. v. City of Little Rock
Bates, Daisy Lee Gatson
Bates, Lucious Christopher
Baxter County Courthouse
Beall, Ruth Olive
Beals, Melba Pattillo
Beatles, Stopover of the
Beautiful But Dangerous [Movie], see: She Couldn't Say No [Movie]
Bennett, Alvin Silas (Al)
Bennett, Bruce
Benson, George Stuart
Biffle, Leslie L.
Big Arkie
Big Doc's Girl [Book]
Bill Clinton Birthplace , see: Clinton Birthplace
Bindursky, Esther
Birth Control Movement
Bittick, Helen Long
Blevins, Ruby, see: Montana, Patsy
Blossom, Virgil Tracy
Blue Mountain Dam and Lake
Blytheville Air Force Base, see: Eaker Air Force Base
Bobo, J. B.
Bowman, Malcolm Cleaburne
Bracero Program
Brandon, Benton Douglas, Jr.
Branton, Wiley Austin, Sr.
Breland, Keller Bramwell
Brewer, Adrian Louis
Brewer, Edwin Cook
Brewer, Vivion Mercer Lenon
Brickell, Beth
Brock, Lou
Brock, Louis Clark, see: Brock, Lou
Brockwell Gospel Music School
Brooks, John Doyle
Broonzy, "Big Bill"
Broonzy, William Conley Lee, see: Broonzy, "Big Bill"
Brown, Dee
Brown, Dorris Alexander, see: Brown, Dee
Brown, Jim Ed
Brown, Lyle
Browns, The
Bryant, "Bear"
Bryant, Kelly
Bryant, Paul William, see: Bryant, "Bear"
Buchanan, Leroy, see: Buchanan, Roy
Buchanan, Roy
Bull Shoals Dam and Lake
Burgess, Albert Austin, see: Burgess, Sonny
Burgess, Sonny
Burke, Lloyd Leslie "Scooter"
Burnett, Chester Arthur, see: "Howlin' Wolf"
Butler, Ben F.
Butler, Benjamin Franklin, see: Butler, Ben F.
Butler, Richard Colburn, Sr.
Caldwell, Arthur Brann
Call, Cora Elizabeth Pinkley
Camden Army Air Field
Camp Jesse Turner
Camp Magnolia
Camp Monticello
Campbell, Leon "Muscles"
Capital Citizens' Council (CCC)
Carpenter, Flavius Josephus (Flave)
Castleberry-Harrington Historic District
Central High School, Desegregation of
Chamberlin, Henry Howard "Hank"
Chandler, Florence Clyde
Charleston Schools, Desegregation of
Cherry, Francis Adams
Chicot County Courthouse
Chowning, Frank Edwin
Christ of the Ozarks
City of Oakland [Boat], see: USS Hoga (YT-146)
Civil War Centennial
Clark, Mamie Katherine Phipps
Clinton Birthplace
Cloar, Carroll James
Cobb, Osro
Coffey, Cornelius Robinson
Coggs, Granville Coleridge
Collier, Gilbert Georgie
Committee to Retain Our Segregated Schools (CROSS)
Communist Registration Act, see: Act 401 of 1951
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Conquerors of Arkansas [Movie], see: Die Goldsucher von Arkansas [Movie]
Conway Human Development Center, see: Arkansas Children's Colony
Cook, Everett Richard
Cook, Gilbert Richard
Cooper v. Aaron, see: Aaron v. Cooper
Cotton in My Sack [Book]
Cotton, Carolina
Council on Community Affairs (COCA)
Counts, Ira Wilmer, see: Counts, Will
Counts, Will
Craft, Clarence Byrle
Cramer, Floyd
Crank, Marion Harland
Cravens, William Fadjo
Crawford, Maud Robinson
Crenchaw, Milton Pitts
Crisis at Central High, see: Central High School, Desegregation of
Crockett, Woodrow Wilson
Crumpler, Denver Dale
Crutcher, Hazel Walker, see: Walker, Hazel Leona
Daisy Bates et al. v. City of Little Rock
Daniel, Thase Christine Ferguson
Darby, William Orlando
Darragh Jr., Frederick Kramer, see: Darragh, Fred K.
Darragh, Fred K.
Davis, Ellis CeDell
Davis, Gail
Davis, Lawrence Arnette, Sr.
Deane, Ernest Cecil, see: Deane, Ernie
Deane, Ernie
Die Goldsucher von Arkansas [Movie]
Dixiecrats, see: States' Rights Democratic Party
Dodd, Bonnie Modena
Dodge, Eva Francette
Douglas, Paul Page, Jr.
Douthit, George Clinton
Dove v. Parham
Dresbach, Beverley Githens
Dresbach, Glenn Ward
Dryden Pottery
Dumas, Henry
E. Fay and Gus Jones House
Eaker Air Force Base
Eckford, Elizabeth Ann
Elder, James Albert, see: Elder, Jim
Elder, Jim
Ellis, Clyde Taylor
Endsley, Melvin
Erwin, Judson Landers, Jr.
Evans, Dale
Face in the Crowd, A [Movie]
Family Planning Movement, see: Birth Control Movement
Faubus, Orval Eugene
Fayetteville Schools, Desegregation of
Ferguson Sr., James Garland, see: Ferguson, Jim, Sr.
Ferguson, Jim, Sr.
Fess, Don
Fifty-fifth General Hospital, see: Underground Hospital
Fleck, Jack
Fletcher, Albert Lewis
Flippen, Jay C.
Flowers, Cleon
Flowers, William Harold
Forbush, Nellie [Fictional Character]
Ford, Edsel
Foster, Thomas P. (Murder of)
Franklin County Courthouse, Northern District
Fredericks, Ernest , see: Swedlun, Frederick Ernest
Freedom Rides
Freund, Elsie Mari Bates
Freund, Harry Louis
Fried Dill Pickles
Frizzell, "Lefty"
Frizzell, William Orville, see: Frizzell, "Lefty"
Fulbright Industries
Fulbright Memorandum
Fulbright, Bill
Fulbright, J. William, see: Fulbright, Bill
Fulbright, James William, see: Fulbright, Bill
Fulkerson, Floyd Hurt, Jr.
Gardner, Virginia
Garland, Mamie Odessa Hale
Garner, Claud Wilton
Gent v. Arkansas
George Klein Tourist Court Historic District
GI Revolt
Gibson, Herbert Richard (H. R.)
Gilbert, Ollie Eva Woody
Giles, Janice Holt
Gilliland, Charles Leon
Ginocchio, Frank Joseph
Girls State, see: Arkansas Girls State
Goat Woman of Smackover, see: Meyer, Rhena Salome Miller
Goff, Houston, see: Stackhouse, Houston
Goodwin, Harvey Wilson
Gordon, Nathan Green
Graham, William Karr (Bill)
Gratitude Train, see: Merci Train
Grayson, Betty Jeanne, see: Davis, Gail
Great Evolution Debate of 1966, see: Little Rock Debates on Evolution (1966)
Great Migration
Great Passion Play
Green Elf Court, see: George Klein Tourist Court Historic District
Green, Ernest Gideon
Green, Marlon DeWitt
Greene, Bette Evensky
Greers Ferry Dam and Lake
Gregory, Dick (Arrest of)
Grice, Geleve
Griswold, Nathaniel Robadeau (Nat)
Gunn, Paul Irving "Pappy"
Guthridge, Amis Robert
Gwaltney, Francis Irby
Hagstrom, Helen, see: Cotton, Carolina
Hall, Nancy Johnson
Hancock, Archibald Rex, Jr.
Hansen, Bill
Hansen, William, see: Hansen, Bill
Hardin, Joseph Carrol
Harrell Field, see: Camden Army Air Field
Harris, Oren
Hawkins, Marlin Conover
Hawkins, Ronald Cornett, see: Hawkins, Ronnie
Hawkins, Ronnie
Hays, Lawrence Brooks
Hays, Lee Elhardt
Heiskell, J. N., see: Heiskell, John Netherland
Heiskell, John Netherland
Helena Aero Tech, see: Thompson-Robbins Air Field
Hendrix, James Richard
Henry, Natalie Smith
Henslee, Lee
Hensley, Violet Brumley
Hibbler, Al
Hibbler, Albert George Edward, see: Hibbler, Al
High, Fred
High, Fredrick Green, see: High, Fred
Hinton, Thomas Melvin
Hodges, Jerry T.
Hogan, Richard Nathaniel
Holmes, Sturgis Williford, Jr.
Holt, Jack Wilson, Sr.
Holt, Joseph Frank
Hoover, Dorothy McFadden
Hoover, Theressa
Howard, John Miller
Howell, James (Jim) Lee
Hoxie Schools, Desegregation of
Huckaby, Elizabeth Paisley
Hudgins, Mary Dengler
Hudson, Joel Carrington
Hunnicutt, Arthur Lee
Hunt, Silas Herbert
Hunter, Joseph Boone
Hurst, Quincy Byrum
I'm from Arkansas [Movie]
Interposition Amendment, see: Amendment 44
IQ Zoo
Janes, Roland
Japanese American Relocation Camps
Jeannette, Gertrude Hadley
Jeffress/Phillips Music Company
Jerome Relocation Center
John, "Little Willie"
John, William Edgar, see: John, "Little Willie"
Johns, Riley "Doc"
Johnson, John Harold
Jones, Edith Irby
Jones, Maxine Temple
Jordan, Louis Thomas
Karlmark, Gloria Cecelia Ray
Kell, George Clyde
Kidd, Sue
Kimpel, Ben Drew
King of Clubs
King, Albert
King, Helen Martin
Klein Center, see: George Klein Tourist Court Historic District
Korean War
Kumpe, Roy Franklin
Kuroda, Paul Kazuo
KWEM [Radio Station]
Labor Day Bombings of 1959
Ladd Jr., Alan Walbridge, see: Ladd, Alan
Ladd, Alan
Lafayette County Courthouse
Lake Greeson, see: Narrows Dam
Laman, William Fewell "Casey"
Lamb, Theodore Lafayette
Laney, Benjamin Travis, Jr.
LaNier, Carlotta Walls
League of Women Voters of Arkansas
Lee, Harvey, see: Goodwin, Harvey Wilson
Leflar, Robert Allen
Letzig, Margaret Heller Himstedt
Levi Wilcoxon Demonstration Forest
Lewis, David Levering
Linaker, Mary Katherine (Kay), see: Phillips, Kate
Lincoln County Courthouse
Lincoln High School (Star City)
Liston, Charles, see: Liston, Sonny
Liston, Sonny
Little Blossom, see: Dodd, Bonnie Modena
Little Rock Air Force Base
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
Little Rock Debates on Evolution (1966)
Little Rock Desegregation Crisis, see: Central High School, Desegregation of
Little Rock Nine
Littleton, Herbert
Lloyd, Edgar Harold
Lockhart, James Leland
Lockwood, Robert, Jr.
Lorch, Grace Lonegran
Lorch, Lee
Lost Year
Lustron Houses
Lyle, Lewis Elton (Lew)
MacArthur, Douglas
MacKrell, James "Uncle Mac"
Magie, Futha Cone
Mann, Woodrow Wilson
Manuel, Dean
Marinoni, Rosa Zagnoni
Marion County Courthouse
Martin, Roberta Evelyn
Massacre at Marble City [Movie], see: Die Goldsucher von Arkansas [Movie]
Massey, Mary Elizabeth
Massie, Samuel Proctor, Jr.
Maumelle Ordnance Works (MOW), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Maxie Theatre
McBrien, Dean Depew (D. D.)
McCain, Paul Moffatt
McClellan, John Little
McCollum, Robert Lee, see: Nighthawk, Robert
McCool, John Thurman (Murder of)
McCoy, Rose Marie
McCright, Ewell Ross
McDonald, Maurice Neal "Nick"
McDonnell, James Smith, Jr.
McFerrin, Robert, Sr.
McGehee National Guard Armory
McHaney, James Monroe
McKennon, Pierce Winningham “Mac”
McMath, Betty Dortch Russell
McMath, Sid
McMath, Sidney Sanders, see: McMath, Sid
Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge
Memphis-Arkansas Speedway
Mercer, Christopher Columbus, Jr.
Merci Train
Meyer, Rhena Salome Miller
Mickel, Lillian Estes Eichenberger
Mike Meyer Disfarmer Gravesite
Miller, Aleck, see: Williamson, "Sonny Boy"
Miller, Asbury Mansfield
Mills, Wilbur Daigh
Minor, James Calvin (Jim)
Minute Man [Restaurant Franchise]
Mitchell, Bobby
Mitchell, William Starr (Will)
Montana, Patsy
Moon, Wallace Wade (Wally)
Moosberg, Carl Avriette
Moose, James Sayle, Jr.
Morris, John William
Morrison Twin Brothers String Band
Mothers' League of Central High School
Mullins, David Wiley
Munn, John Calvin
Murphy, Charles H., Jr.
Myrick, David Luke, see: Tyler, T. Texas
Nancarrow, Samuel Conlon
Narrows Dam
National Education Program
Neel, Margarete Ethel
Negro Boys Industrial School Fire of 1959
Nelson, Albert, see: King, Albert
Newport Air Field
Nighthawk, Robert
Nimrod Dam and Lake
Noble, Marion Monden
Norfork Dam and Lake
Norrell, Catherine Dorris
Norrell, William Frank
Norris, Walter
North Little Rock Six
Oates, Will Etta Long (Willie)
Ogden, Dunbar H., Jr.
Okolona Colored High School Gymnasium
Oliver, M. E.
Oliver, Marvin Elmer, see: Oliver, M. E.
Original Tuskegee Airmen
Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine
Ozark Golden Wedding Jubilee
Ozark Heritage Arts Center and Museum
Ozark Ordnance Works (OOW), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Ozone School
Pace, Frank
Passion Play, see: Great Passion Play
Perry Plaza Court Historic District
Perry, Harold Robert
Perryman, Lloyd Wilson
Peter Dierks Joers House
Peter, Lily
Pettigrew, Helen Lyle
Phillips, Kate
Piazza, Ben Daniel
Pick and Shovel [Newspaper]
Piggott National Guard Armory
Pilgrim, Cicero Osco
Porter, Ray Edison
Possum of Tomorrow Program
POW Camps (World War II), see: World War II Prisoner of War Camps
Powell, Dick
Powell, Richard Ewing, see: Powell, Dick
Prairie Grove Airlight Outdoor Telephone Booth
President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site, see: Clinton Birthplace
Presley, Elvis (Arkansas Performances of)
Prisoner of War Camps (World War II), see: World War II Prisoner of War Camps
Pruden, James Wesley, Sr.
Quigley's Castle
Racheau Center, see: George Klein Tourist Court Historic District
Ragon, Imogene McConnell
Ravenden Springs School
Read, Opie Pope
Redell, Teddy, see: Riedel, Teddy DeLano
Remmel, Pratt
Revenue Stabilization Act
Rice Bowl
Ricks, Earl Thornton
Riedel, Teddy DeLano
Right to Work Law
Riley, Billy Lee
Rimrock Records
Risner, James Robinson
Roberts, Terrence James
Robertson, Thomas Arthur
Robinson, Brooks Calbert, Jr.
Robinson, Hester Buck
Rohwer Relocation Center
Ronoake Baptist Church
Rosenzweig, Irene
Rothert Sr., Matthew Herman, see: Rothert, Matt, Sr.
Rothert, Matt, Sr.
Rowland, Hardy Alton "Spider"
Roy, Elsijane Trimble
Ruled by the Whip [Book]
Russell, Betty, see: McMath, Betty Dortch Russell
Russell, Betty Dortch, see: McMath, Betty Dortch Russell
Russell, Jerry Lewis
Russell, William Leon
Sain, John Franklin (Johnny)
Saline County Regional Airport
Samuel, Irene Gaston
Sanders, Pharoah
Satterfield, John Vines (J. V.)
Scott, Clyde Luther "Smackover"
Segraves, Warren Dennis
Seiz, Bill
Seiz, William Augustav, see: Seiz, Bill
Sentinel of Freedom [Painting]
Shannon, Henry Karr
She Couldn't Say No [Movie]
Sherman, Harold Morrow
Shibley, Jesse Lee "Arkie"
Shumaker Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Sisler, George Kenton
Smith, Alfred Edgar
Smith, Frances Octavia, see: Evans, Dale
Smith, Gerald Lyman Kenneth
Smith, Harold Raymond (Hal)
Snyder, John Wesley
Sorensen, John Hjaelmhof
Southerland, Jerome Kee (J. K.)
Southern Cotton Oil Mill Strike
Southwestern Proving Ground (SPG), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Spencer, George Lloyd
Spicer, William Leach
SS Ouachita Victory
Stackhouse, Houston
Starr, Fred
State Sovereignty Commission, see: Arkansas State Sovereignty Commission
States' Rights Democratic Party
Steelman, John Roy
Stephens, Stephen Owen, see: Stephens, Steve
Stephens, Steve
Stephens, Wilton Robert, see: Stephens, Witt
Stephens, Witt
Stone, Edward Durell
Stone, James Lamar
Stop This Outrageous Purge (STOP)
Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Monuments
Stuck, Dorothy
Sturgis, Walter Roy
Stuttgart Army Air Field
Sugimoto, Henry Yuzuru
Summer of My German Soldier [Book and Movie]
Surratt, Alfred "Slick"
Sutton, Ozell
Swedlun, Frederick Ernest
Swedlun, Glenn C.
Table Rock Dam and Lake
Tackett, Boyd Anderson
Takei, George Hosato
Tall Pines Inn, see: Tall Pines Motor Inn Historic District
Tall Pines Motor Inn Historic District
Tatum, Reece "Goose"
Taylor Rosamond Motel Historic District
Temple Meir Chayim
Terry, Adolphine Fletcher
Terry, Seymour W.
Texarkana Moonlight Murders
Thach, John Smith
Tharpe, "Sister Rosetta"
Tharpe, Rosetta Nubin, see: Tharpe, "Sister Rosetta"
Thomas, Jefferson Allison
Thomas, William
Thompson-Robbins Air Field
Thurman, Sue Bailey
Titan II ICBM Launch Complex Sites
Titan II Missile Accident (1965)
Tomlinson, James Albert "Ike"
Tornado Outbreak of 1952
Train de Reconnaissance, see: Merci Train
Trickey, Minnijean Brown
Trimble, James William
Turney Wood Products, Inc.
Tuskegee Airmen, Original, see: Original Tuskegee Airmen
Tyler, T. Texas
U.S. Senator Hattie Caraway Gravesite
Underground Hospital
United Confederate Veterans Reunion of 1949
Urban League
Urban Renewal
USNS Cossatot, see: USS Cossatot (AO-77)
USS Baxter (APA-94)
USS Boone County (LST-389)
USS Bradley County (LST-400)
USS Chicot (AK-170)
USS Cleburne (APA-73)
USS Cooper (DD-695)
USS Cossatot (AO-77)
USS Craighead (AK-175)
USS Crittenden (APA-77)
USS Drew (APA-162)
USS Grant County (LST-1174)
USS Hoga (YT-146)
USS Jefferson County (LST-845)
USS Johnson County (LST-849)
USS Lafayette County (LST-859)
USS Lawrence County (LST-887)
USS Little Rock (CL-92, CLG-4)
USS Marion County (LST-975)
USS Moale (DD-693)
USS Monroe County (LST-1038)
USS Montgomery County (LST-1041)
USS Ouachita County (LST-1071)
USS Poinsett (AK-205)
USS Polk County (LST-1084)
USS Pulaski County (LST-1088)
USS Razorback [Submarine]
USS Saline County (LST-1101)
USS Sebastian (AK-211)
USS Sevier (APA-233)
USS St. Francis River (LSMR-525)
USS Stone County (LST-1141)
USS Van Buren (PF-42)
Vaden Records
Van Buren Schools, Desegregation of
Van Dalsem, Paul
van Zandt, Elliott C.
Vick, Volmer "Cactus"
Vogel, Mabel Rose Jamison (Jamie)
Wair, Thelma Jean Mothershed
Wakely, James Clarence (Jimmy)
Walker, Hazel Leona
Walnut Ridge Army Flying School
War Memorial Stadium
Warfield, William Caesar
Washburn, Alexander Henry
Wassell, Corydon McAlmont
Watkins, Travis Earl
Watson, Wilson Douglas
Wells, Ira James Kohath
Whitworth, Donna Axum
Wilburn Brothers
Wilkerson v. State
Williams, Claude Clossey
Williams, J. Mayo "Ink"
Williams, Jack
Williams, John Gilbert
Williams, Samuel Woodrow
Williams, Sue Cowan
Williams, Virginia Anne Rice
Williamson, "Sonny Boy"
Williwaw War
Wilson, Charles Kemmons
Wilson, Charles Morrow
Wilson, Winston Peabody "Wimpy"
Wirges, Gene
Witherspoon, Jimmy "Spoon"
Wolfe, Paul
Woman They Almost Lynched [Movie]
Women’s Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools (WEC)
Women's Army Corps (WAC), see: Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC)
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC)
Wood, John Shirley
Woodward, Comer Vann
World War II
World War II Ordnance Plants
World War II Prisoner of War Camps
World War II through the Faubus Era, 1941 through 1967
Wright v. Wright
Wrightsville Fire of 1959, see: Negro Boys Industrial School Fire of 1959
Yancey v. Faubus
Yancey, John Howard
Young, Rufus King

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