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Gallery: Photo

Ozark Folk Center State Park

Ozark Hellbender

Ozark Hellbender; Spring River

Juvenile Ozark Hellbender

Ozark Hellbender

Hellbender Eggs

Ozark Highlands Trail

Ozark Mine Plant

Ozark Mountain Folk Fair Audience

John Lee Hooker

Ozark Mountain Folk Fair

Mason Proffit

Ozark Mountain Folk Fair Staff

Bill Pitts

UFO Conference Sign

Dolores Cannon

Lou Farish

Lee Clinton

UFO Conference Attendees

Whitaker Point

Ozark Pocket Gopher

Pocket Gopher Mounds

Pocket Gopher Newborn

The Ozark Trilogy

Ozark: Rural Electrification Plant

Ozarka College

Ozarka College

Ozarka College

Ozone School

P. D. Burton House

Frank Pace


Padgett Island Bridge

Padgett Island

Paint by Numbers

“Painted House” Museum

Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre

Battle of Palarm

The Insect Trust

Pangburn Street Scene

Pangburn Suspension Bridge

Pangburn: Telephone Operator

Board of Trade Building

First National Bank

Pankey Gravestone

Josephine and Samuel Pankey

Josephine Pankey Center

Departing Recruits

Eight Mile Creek Bridge

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