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Gallery: Photo

Woodruff County Courthouse

Woodruff County Courthouse

Veterans’ Memorial

Woodruff County Jail

Downtown Augusta

American Legion Post 166

White River

Augusta Train Station

Augusta Bridge

Augusta Heritage Center

"Geese" Ausbie

"Geese" Ausbie

“Geese” Ausbie

Austin Post Office

Austin Post Office

Austin City Hall


Sandhill Cemetery

Auvergne School

Aviation Cadet Museum

Early Aviation

Donna Axum

Aydelott Cemetery

B-17 Memorial

Grant County Veterans Memorial Park

Marker at Grant County Veterans Memorial Park


Bernie Babcock

Bernie Babcock

Lucille Babcock

Lucille Babcock

Lucy Babcock

Lucy Babcock on Stage

Babe Ruth at Oaklawn Park

Baby of Arts Degree

Back Yonder, An Ozark Chronicle

Liberian Coffee Plantation

Nicky Bacon

Bacon, Rockefeller, and Britt

Bacon, Colley, Britt, and Rockefeller

Bob Bailey

Carl Bailey

Carl Bailey

Bailey Reelection Campaign

Marian and Bob Bailey

Baitfish Vat

Basil Baker

Oliver Baker

Bald Eagle

Bald Knob: Restaurant

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