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Gallery: Photo

Uncle John Takes a Drink

Granny Harris

Charlie May and Howard Simon

The Simple Life

Sink-Crumb Post 72 American Legion Hut

Sink-Crumb Post 72 American Legion Hut

Woolworth’s Sit-in

Rodney Slater

Rodney Slater

William Slemons

Fuligo septica

Lycogala epidendrum

Arcyria denudata

Hemitrichia calyculata

Metatrichia vesparia

Arcyria cinerea

Dictyostelium rosarium

Dictyostelium sphaerocephalum

Myxomycete Slime Mold

Trichia varia

Cribraria cancellata

Diachea leucopodia

Sloan-Hendrix Academy

Abandoned Oil Well

Smackover: Oil Field

Andrew J. Smith

Edmund K. Smith

Yuccas Blooming above Valley

Grand Canyon View

High Lonesome Road

Effie Anderson Smith

Effie Anderson Smith Driving

Effie Anderson

Andrew Young Smith & Effie Anderson Smith

Effie Anderson Smith Studio

Effie Anderson Smith

Eugene Smith

Supreme Court Justices

Hay Watson Smith

Lavenski Smith

Norman Smith

Norman Smith Recital

Norman Smith in College

Norman Smith 1970s

O. C. Smith

V. V. Smith Grave

J. N. Smithee

Smithville (Lawrence County)

Smithville Monument

Snag boat Arkansas

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