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Gallery: Photo

Henderson School

Freedom Riders Plaque

Janet Reinitz and Benjamin Cox

Bliss Anne Malone

Bliss Anne Malone and Janet Reinitz

Arrest of Bliss Anne Malone

Annie Lumpkin

Freeman Owens–Broncho Billy Mural

George W. Freeman

Freemason Monument

Albert Pike Temple

Masonic Temple

Alice French

Freshwater Drum

Eel Life Phases


Dancers With Fiddler

Mare and Colt

Elsie Freund

Freund Necklace

Freund Print

Calendar Painting

Freund Mural

Louis Freund

Friendship Municipal Building

Friendship Jail

Front Porch Stage

Possum Queen

Front Porch Stage Audience

William Froug and Father

Valentine Davies Award Acceptance

Twilight Zone Finale

Bill Froug and Dick Powell

Bill Froug and Aldous Huxley

Bill Froug and Lionel Barrymore

Bill Fulbright

Bill, Roberta, and Elizabeth Fulbright

Bill Fulbright

Roberta and Bill Fulbright

Claude Fuller

Claude Fuller

William Fuller

William Fuller on Levee Pusher


Fulton Ferry

Fulton County Courthouse

Fulton County Courthouse

Fulton County Courthouse

William Fulton

William Fulton

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