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Gallery: Photo

Margaret Heller Himstedt Letzig

Mara Leveritt

Morris Pine

Levi Wilcoxon Forest Entrance

Kristin Lewis

Mary Lewis

Mary Lewis (right) and Friends

Echo Cove September Morning

Arkansas Delta Morning Mist

Sanford Lewis Lynching

Lewisville Speeder

Lewisville (Lafayette County)

Lewisville: Drug Store

Joseph A. Scarboro

Little Rock Public Library



Limedale Plant Strike

Lime Plant

Olen Burrow

Kay Linaker

Lincoln Building

Lincoln Building

Lincoln Building

Mt. Zion Presbyterian

Lincoln High School

Lincoln County Courthouse

Lincoln County Courthouse

Abraham Lincoln

Blanche Lincoln

Blanche Lincoln

Lincoln: American Legion Post

Lincoln: Downtown

Lincoln: Train Depot

Lindbergh in Little Rock

Spirit of St. Louis in Little Rock

Lindbergh in Paris

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh Monument

Evan Lindquist

Donnie Lindsey

Clarence Linebarger

Persistence of the Spirit by Henri Linton



Henri Linton

Sonny Liston

Little Flock: Preachers

St. Francis Catholic Church

Alta Villa Families

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