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Time Period: Modern Era (1968 - the Present)

Cleveland Poultry Farm

Cleveland County Courthouse

Climber Manufacturing Building

Arkansas Climber

Clinton Birthplace

William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park Dedication

Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

My Life by Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Signing Act 1092 for Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Bill Clinton with Lions Club

Clintons’ House

Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton: Downtown

Watermelon Girls by Carroll Cloar

Fishing (Anglers II) by Carroll Cloar

Clover Bend Historic District

College City Sign

Chad Colley

Ace Collins

Richard Collins Gravesite

Columbia Marker

Columbia Jarrett Baptist Church

Jarrett Cemetery

Jarrett Baptist Church Sign

Columbia County Courthouse

Beaver Lodges at Columbia Lake

Community Theatre

Neil Compton

Neil Compton; 1972

Hoo-Hoo Museum

James Cone

Confederate Mothers Memorial Park

Confederate Mothers Monument

Michael A. Conley

Convenience Cemetery

Conway Cemetery State Park

Conway County Courthouse

Conway Human Development Center: Entrance

Conway Human Development Center: Chapel

Carolyn Callahan and Doris Cook

Doris Cook

Doris Cook

Coolidge House

Coolidge House

Old Cord School

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