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Type: Thing

CCC Boat Construction at St. Charles

CCC Floating Camp at St. Charles

Wesley Clark: Campaign Button

Clarksville Confederate Monument

Eldridge Cleaver: Campaign Button

Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver

Tumbling Shoals: Suspension Bridge

Patrick Cleburne Statue

Patrick Cleburne Statue

R-Pep Label

Clem’s Cola

Climber Automobile

Climber Motor Corporation Ad

Arkansas Climber

My Life by Bill Clinton

Watermelon Girls by Carroll Cloar

Fishing (Anglers II) by Carroll Cloar

Coccidia Life Cycle

Sporulated Eimeria sp. Oocyst

Coccidia from Bats

Spraying for Codling Moth

Codling Moth Damage

Coleman Dairy “Annie Oakley” Bottle

Coleman Dairy Delivery Truck

Beaver Lodges at Columbia Lake

Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo Constitution

Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo Membership Card

22nd/35th Battle Flag

First Infantry Battle Flag

Hardee Pattern Battle Flag

Van Dorn Pattern Battle Flag

Hardee Pattern Battle Flag

Confederate Women Monument

Fryers Ford Bridge

Corning: Grain Silos

Cornish House Plans

Ed Cornish Tombstone

Cossatot River Bridge

Cotton Seed

Cotton States League Memo

Arkansas Traveler Award

Cottonwood Tree

Household Income/Poverty Level Map

County Population Map

County Seats Map

Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord’s FBI File Document

CSA Flyer

“Last Date,” Performed by Floyd Cramer

Maud Robinson Crawford Reward Poster

“Hello, the Boat!”

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