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Map of Arkansas’s most significant Civil War battles, actions, and other related events.
Map created by David Reed

Poison Spring, Engagement at
Civil War through Reconstruction, 1861 through 1874
Pea Ridge, Battle of
Hill's Plantation, Action at
Prairie Grove, Battle of
Cane Hill, Engagement at
Bayou Fourche, Engagement at
Pine Bluff, Action at
Arkansas Post, Battle of
St. Charles, Engagement at
Old River Lake, Engagement at
Chalk Bluff, Skirmish at (May 1–2, 1863)
Helena, Battle of
Devil's Backbone, Action at
Elkin's Ferry, Engagement at
Prairie D'Ane, Skirmish at
Marks' Mills, Action at
Jenkins' Ferry, Engagement at
Civil War Timeline
Chalk Bluff, Skirmish at (May 15, 1862)
Helena, Skirmish at (September 19–20, 1862)
Helena, Skirmishes near (October 11, 1862)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (June 17, 1864)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (July 22, 1864)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (July 30, 1864)
Pine Bluff Expedition (January 15–18, 1865)
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