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Logo of the Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission (ACWSC). A number of Encyclopedia of Arkansas entries on Civil War military events were made possible by funding from the ACWSC.
Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission

Taylor's Creek and Mount Vernon, Skirmishes at
Contraband Camps
Smith, Sarah Jane
White River Expedition (August 5–8, 1862)
Hopefield, Burning of
Ellis, William
Ord, Edward Otho C.
Military Farm Colonies (Northwestern Arkansas)
Searcy, Fairview, and Augusta Expeditions
Fort Smith, Abandonment of
Sugar Creek, Action at
Fayetteville, Occupation of (February 23–26, 1862)
Talbot's Ferry, Skirmish at
Batesville, Skirmish at (May 3, 1862)
Chalk Bluff, Skirmish at (May 15, 1862)
Little Red River, Skirmish at (May 17, 1862)
Big Indian Creek, Skirmish at
Des Arc Bayou Expedition
Cache River Bridge, Skirmish at
Kickapoo Bottom, Skirmish at
Little Red River, Skirmishes at (June 5 and 7, 1862)
Fairview, Skirmish at
Waddell's Farm (near Village Creek), Skirmish at
Smithville, Skirmish at (June 17, 1862)
Knight's Cove, Skirmish at
Grand Prairie, Skirmish at
Cache Bayou, Skirmish at
Fayetteville, Action near (July 15, 1862)
Gaines' Landing, Skirmish at (July 20, 1862)
Clarendon Expedition (August 4–17, 1862)
Eunice Expedition
Helena, Skirmish at (September 19–20, 1862)
Helena, Skirmishes near (October 11, 1862)
Mountain Home, Skirmish at
Oxford Bend, Action at
Marianna and LaGrange, Skirmishes at
Fayetteville and Cane Hill, Skirmish between (November 9, 1862)
Cane Hill, Skirmish at (November 25, 1862)
St. Francis Road, Skirmish at
Van Buren, Capture of
Maysville, Skirmish at (January 1863)
White Springs, Skirmish at
Lick Creek, Skirmish at
Des Arc and DeValls Bluff, Capture of
Vine Prairie, Skirmish at
Batesville, Skirmish at (February 4, 1863)
McGraw's Mill, Skirmish at
Lick Creek Expedition
Frog Bayou, Skirmish at (March 19, 1863)
White River, Skirmish at (March 22, 1863)
Klepper's Sawmill, Skirmish at
Helena Expedition (March 5–12, 1863)
Bentonville, Skirmish at
Polk's Plantation, Skirmish at
Cross Hollow, Skirmish at
Elm Springs, Skirmishes near
West Point, Engagement at
Harrison's Landing, Skirmish at
Brownsville, Skirmish at (August 25, 1863)
Shallow Ford, Skirmish at (August 30, 1863)
Shallow Ford, Skirmish at (September 2, 1863)
Maysville, Skirmish at (September 5, 1863)
Ferry Landing, Skirmish at
Dardanelle, Skirmish at (September 12, 1863)
Haguewood Prairie, Skirmish at
Pocahontas Expedition
Buffalo Mountains, Skirmish at
Frog Bayou Expedition
Kingston, Skirmishes at
Berryville Expedition
Mount Ida Expedition
Helena, Expedition from (November 14–17, 1863)
Lawrenceville, Skirmish at
DeValls Bluff, Skirmish at (December 1, 1863)
Benton, Skirmish at (December 1, 1863)
Princeton, Skirmish at (December 8, 1863)
Caddo Mill, Skirmish at
Waldron, Attacks on
Branchville, Skirmish at
Rolling Prairie, Skirmish at
Burrowsville, Skirmish at
Sylamore, Skirmishes at (January 23 and 26, 1864)
Crooked Creek, Skirmish at
Morgan's Mill, Skirmish at
Wild Haws Expedition
Batesville Expedition
Benton Road, Skirmish at (March 23–24, 1864)
Oil Trough Bottom, Skirmish at
Cross-Roads, Skirmish at
Longview, Skirmish at
Arkadelphia, Skirmish at
Terre Noire Creek, Skirmish at
Roseville, Skirmishes at
Whiteley's Mills, Skirmish at
Little River, Skirmish at
Pemiscot Bayou, Skirmish at
Arkansas River and Prairie Grove, Skirmishes at
Spring River near Smithville, Skirmish at
Richland Creek, Skirmishes at (April 13–14, 1864)
White Oak Creek, Skirmish at (April 14, 1864)
Camden, Skirmish at (April 15, 1864)
Limestone Valley, Skirmish at
King's River, Skirmish at
Jacksonport, Attack on
Jacksonport, Skirmish at
Princeton, Skirmish at (April 28, 1864)
Saline Bottom, Skirmish at
Whitmore's Mill, Skirmish at
Richland Creek, Skirmishes at (May 3 and 5, 1864)
Maysville, Skirmish at (May 8, 1864)
Cherokee Bay, Skirmish at
Cypress Creek, Skirmish at (May 13, 1864)
Norristown, Skirmish at (May 19, 1864)
Buck Horn, Skirmish at
Little Red River, Skirmish at (June 6, 1864)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (June 17, 1864)
Hahn's Farm, Skirmish at
White River Station, Skirmish at
Clarendon, Skirmish at (June 26, 1864)
Benton, Skirmish at (July 6, 1864)
Huntersville, Skirmish at
Petit Jean, Skirmish at
Brownsville, Skirmish at (July 13–14, 1864)
Benton Road, Skirmish at (July 19, 1864)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (July 22, 1864)
Maysville, Skirmish at (July 20, 1864)
Scatterville, Skirmish at
Hay Station No. 3, Skirmish at
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (July 30, 1864)
Lamb's Plantation, Skirmish at
Osceola, Skirmish at
Remount Camp, Skirmish at
Hickory Plains, Skirmish at
Bull Bayou, Skirmish at
Hatch's Ferry, Skirmish at
Augusta, Skirmish at
Searcy, Skirmish near (August 13, 1864)
Carrollton, Skirmish at (August 15, 1864)
Benton, Skirmish at (August 18, 1864)
Washington and Benton County Expedition
Mud Town and Gerald Mountain, Skirmishes at
Dardanelle, Skirmish at (August 30, 1864)
Beatty's Mill, Skirmish at
Quitman, Skirmish at
Little Rock, Skirmish at (September 2, 1864)
Norristown, Skirmish at (September 6, 1864)
Monticello, Skirmish at (September 11, 1864)
Searcy, Skirmish near (September 13, 1864)
Rodger's Crossing, Skirmish at
Fort Smith Expedition (September 25–October 13, 1864)
Clarksville, Skirmishes at
White Oak Creek, Skirmish at (September 29, 1864)
Clarendon Expedition (October 16–17, 1864)
Fort Smith Expedition (November 5–16, 1864)
Fort Smith Expedition (November 5–23, 1864)
Cane Hill, Skirmish at (November 6, 1864)
Buckskull, Skirmish at (November 20, 1864)
Steamer Alamo, Attack on
Cypress Creek, Skirmish at (December 1, 1864)
Perry County, Skirmish at
Augusta Expedition (December 7–8, 1864)
White River Expedition (December 13–15, 1864)
Augusta Expedition (January 4–27, 1865)
Pine Bluff, Skirmish at (January 9, 1865)
Pine Bluff Expedition (January 15–18, 1865)
Boggs' Mills, Skirmish at
Pine Bluff to DeValls Bluff, Scout from
Madison, Skirmish at
Lewisburg, Skirmish at
Bayou Meto, Skirmish near (February 17, 1865)
Mrs. Voche's, Skirmish at
Bayou Meto, Skirmish at (February 24, 1865)
Van Buren, Skirmish at (April 2, 1865)
Hickory Station, Skirmish at
Monticello Road, Skirmish at (May 16, 1865)
Monticello, Skirmish at (May 24, 1865)
Little Rock Arsenal, Seizure of the
Orient Ferry, Skirmish at
Gaines' Landing, Skirmish at (June 28, 1863)
Buckskull, Skirmishes at (October 1 and 10, 1863)
Waugh's Farm, Skirmish at
Yocum Creek, Skirmish at
White River Expedition (February 4–8, 1864)
White River Expedition (February 20–26, 1864)
Napoleon Expedition
Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas Expedition
Osage Branch of the Kings River, Affair on the
White River Expedition (January 13–19, 1863)
Fayetteville, Operations around (October 25–November 4, 1864)
Carroll, Marion, and Searcy Counties, Scout to
Pine Bluff Expedition (February 26–28, 1865)
Pine Bluff, Affair near
Galloway's Farm, Affair at
Buffalo River Expedition
Arkansas River, Scout to
United Confederate Veterans Reunion of 1928
United Confederate Veterans Reunion of 1949
Ross' Landing, Skirmish at
Fort Lincoln
Conway Confederate Monument
Military Farm Colonies (Arkansas Delta)
Lonoke Confederate Monument
Walker, Lucius Marshall (Marsh)
Newton, Robert Crittenden
Dunnington, John William
Bailey’s, Affair at
Benton, Affair at
Big Lake Expedition
Clarksville, Affair at
Cotton Plant, Affairs at
DeValls Bluff, Affair at (May 22, 1864)
DeValls Bluff, Affair near (November 2, 1864)
DeValls Bluff, Affair at (December 13, 1864)
Fayetteville, Affair at
Fort Smith, Affair at
Helena, Affairs at
Jacksonport, Affair at
Kendal’s Grist Mill, Affair at
McGuire’s, Affair at
Mound City, Burning of
Napoleon, Seizure of Ordnance Stores at
Pine Bluff, Seizure of U.S. Subsistence Stores at
Salem, Capture of Wagon Train at
Searcy, Affair at
Steamer Miller, Capture of
Steamer Perry, Attack on
Steamer Resolute, Attack on
Sugar Loaf Prairie, Affair at
Military Board (Civil War)
Nelson, Allison
Third Arkansas Light Artillery (CS)
Yell, James
Disease during the Civil War
Batteries A, B, C, and D (Battle of Helena)
Camp Lee
Cross Hollow (Camp)
Fairview Cemetery—Confederate Section
Fort Hindman
Little Rock Fortifications (Civil War)
Old Rondo Cemetery—Confederate Section
Mississippi River Squadron (US)
USS Fort Hindman
USS Louisville
USS Rattler
Arkansas State Troops (CS)
Seventh Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Eighth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Nineteenth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
112th United States Colored Infantry (US)
113th United States Colored Infantry (US)
Helena Artillery Battery (CS)
John D. Perry [Steamboat]
Celeste [Steamboat]
Commercial [Steamboat]
Kate Hart [Steamboat]
J. H. Miller [Steamboat]
Resolute [Steamboat]
Dove [Steamboat]
Andrews, Christopher Columbus
Smith, Edmund Kirby
Tulip, Skirmish at
Hurricane Creek, Skirmish at
Eleventh Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Poe's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry (CS)
Fourth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Twenty-Fifth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Fifth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Second Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Thirteenth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Seventeenth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Eighteenth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Twentieth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Second Arkansas Cavalry (CS)
Fourth Arkansas Cavalry (US)
First Arkansas Light Artillery Battery (US)
Second Arkansas Infantry (US)
USS Baron De Kalb
USS Conestoga
USS Cincinnati
USS Glide
USS Monarch
USS New Era
Farr's Mill, Skirmish at
Fifteenth (Josey's) Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Second Arkansas Infantry Battalion (CS)
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