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Helpful Tips

Categorization of Entries and Media

Entries and pieces of media in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture have been tagged with various categories to facilitate browsing and searching. To make best use of the site, please keep these points in mind:

  • Entries may be listed in more than one subject category. For example, a railroad developer may be listed in “Business, Commerce, and Industry” because he was a businessman; he could also be listed in “Transportation” because of his significance to the development of transportation in Arkansas.
  • In general, the Encyclopedia categorizes entries in human terms rather than institutional terms. For example, the religions affiliations are titled and categorized as groups of people instead of entities: Methodists instead of Methodist Church or Methodism.
  • Destinations and buildings are categorized as places instead of things. For example, a state park is a place, a hospital is a place, and a cemetery is a place.
  • Businesses and industries are categorized as things.
  • We assign time periods based on when the subject was at its peak. Many entries span more than one time period. In those cases, we have not assigned them to specific periods.

Search Tips

  • The search engine will look for entries and media captions that include all of the keywords you select (blues Helena musician)
  • If you are looking for results that include an exact phrase, put your search phrase in quotation marks (“Commonwealth College”)
  • If you want to exclude results from your search, put a minus sign in front of the word you want to exclude (“University of Arkansas” –Fayetteville)
  • You can also use an asterisk search for variations on words (university* will give you results for “university” and “universities”)
  • When you choose to use the Advanced Search feature, you can limit which portions of the site are searched (entries only, media only, author names) By choosing from the drop-down category options, you can limit your search by subject, time period, entry type, race and ethnicity, or gender.

Site Features

  • Photo of the Day features a piece of media from our galleries. Clicking "View Photo Gallery" will take you to the gallery associated with the subject category for the featured photo (a photo of Bill Clinton would take you to the photos in the Politics and Government category)
  • This Day in Arkansas History features something that occurred on today’s date. If a related entry is available you can click “(more)” to go to a related entry.
  • Each entry page includes a "bread crumb" trail at the top that shows the path you took to get to the entry. You can click on any part of the trail to go back to that portion of the site ( “Home / Browse / Ashmore, Harry Scott”)
  • Clicking the "printable page" icon (Printable Page) prints a text-only version of the entry.
  • Clicking the "email page" icon (Email Page) opens an dialog box to send a copy of the entry you are viewing to someone else.
  • Clicking the "resize text" icon (+-Resize Text) will make the text on the page larger or smaller.
  • Clicking on the thumbnail version of the media in the right-hand column of entries will open a window with a full-size version of the photo, map, or document. Clicking on audio or video thumbnails will take you to a media player that will allow you to listen or view the media.
  • Clicking the Butler Center Lesson Plan icon will take you to a lesson plan related to the entry.
  • Entries include internal links that will take you to other entries on the website. You may also find other entries of interest under the Related Entries in the sidebar column.

How to Cite an Entry

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Printing Help

There are two easy ways to print an entry or media. The first is to click on [Printable Page] at the top of the entry, below the tab for [Browse Media]. This will open a separate page of text. Click on [Print This Page] at the top of the screen and click [Print] or [OK] in the dialog box that appears to print the page. You can also print a photograph, document, or map by clicking [Print This Page] in the window containing the media you wish to print.

The second way to print an entry is to select the print option from your browser. It may be located in different places depending on what browser you are using. If you are having trouble with the entry or media not fitting on the page you will want to look for the Print Preview option. It should be listed near your print options (In Firefox you can find it in the file menu. In Explorer it is one of the options in the printer drop down menu.) On the page that opens you want to select the [Shrink to Fit] option. This should make sure all the text or image fits on the page. You can then print the entry.

The Encyclopedia will not print the entry page as it appears on the screen with media and related links. You will need to print media separately. There will be variations on these procedures with different browsers. If you need assistance you may e-mail us at or call us at (501) 320-5793.

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